About Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus

Director's Note:  “To a new world of gods and monsters”, was a memorable line given by the great Earnest Thesinger as the fictional Dr. Pretorious in Universal’s Bride of Frankenstein.  Monsters have always fascinated me.  One look at my display cabinet  at home devoted to Godzilla, Kong and creatures in general will only strengthen that belief.  Frankenstein’s monster  has long been a cherished favorite.  Like most people I was introduced to the story through the famous Universal movie from 1931.  I didn’t even know the movie was inspired by a novel until my freshman year of high school. And then I read the true tale, of a young doctor who was brilliant beyond his years.  A man so advanced that had he been real, he may have been considered the greatest doctor of all time, or the greatest madman of all time.  The tale of his creation, a being so tragically misguided that I still weep when I think of what he has gone through.  The creature made famous by Karloff, this was not.  No grunts or growls.  No pondering brute.  A being of imperfect perfection.  Elegant, tragic and truly horrific.  It is my  hope that when you entered the theater tonight, you came with a preconceived notion of what you were going to see., yet when you leave us tonight,  you will have an entirely new outlook on this tale.  Thank you for taking the journey with us tonight.  Fred Alvaro Director/Playwrite

Teaneck New Theatre

Teaneck New Theatre (TNT) was founded in 1986 and has a rich history of productions in the Northern New Jersey region.  

Marilyn Schilkie

Teaneck New Theatre dedicates this production to Marilyn Schilkie, our fellow Board member who recently passed away. Marilyn has been a vital part of TNT  for more than 20 years, directing numerous productions as well as appearing onstage. Despite ongoing illness during the past several years, she remained dedicated to her activities with our theatre troupe. Marilyn was a strong, determined lady and integral to the longevity of TNT. We will miss her. 

TNT has always prided itself on its high-quality productions. Our mission is to give actors, directors and production staff an opportunity to hone their craft by working on outstanding plays. Consequently, TNT continues to tackle a diverse range of works. This includes presentations of less well-known plays as well as originals by local and not-so-local playwrights.

Details may have changed over the more than 35 years of productions, but the overall goal of TNT actors, directors and backstage staff remains the same: to present accomplished productions so that audiences will be glad they came...and will want to return.

Teaneck New Theatre, Inc., a non-profit community theatre group is committed to bringing you great theatre the old-fashioned way, with love, talent and drive. We urge you to share in our continued success by becoming a “Patron of the Arts.” Any financial support you would like to extend would be greatly appreciated. For more information, please see a TNT staff member.

For more about TNT go to http://www.TeaneckNewTheatre.Org.