About Honeymoon from Hell

Anything that CAN go wrong, HAS gone wrong aboard the S.S. Amore, a not-so-luxurious honeymoon cruise ship. Captain Giovanni Della Robbia is trying to calm the passengers, with the assistance of the cruise director, Gina. It’s talent night aboard the Amore and Gina recruits audience members to join in the competition. Just when it looks like the cruise won’t be a total disaster, someone is murdered. Suspects include honeymooners, the crew, and Chef Freda — whose temperament is matched by the large knife she wields.

The Looking Glass Theatre Co.

Our Mission

The mission of The Looking Glass Theatre Company is to provide performing arts enrichment, professional and community theatre opportunities in the Acadiana area.


Board of Directors

Allison Barron Brandon, President

Etienna Wright, Vice President

Parisa Memarian-Liu, Treasurer

Tynese Breaux, Secretary

Blake Lagneaux, Communications