A Little Princess Cast

Jillian is a senior and spends her free time invested in Drama Club. Her first show was BYE BYE BIRDIE, which she performed in as a freshman, her second show was ALMOST MAINE as a sophomore. She was also supposed to perform in NEWSIES. After a break she is very excited to be back on stage as Sara Crewe.
Lucas is a 10th grade student at Southwick Regional School. This is his third production with the Drama Club. After a year of virtual learning, he is excited to get back on stage and have a fun time with his fellow cast members. He hopes that everyone in the audience enjoys the show!
This will be Reagan’s third role with SRS Drama Club, and she is looking forward to performing as Ms. Minchin. When she isn’t on stage, Reagan plays drums, loves singing, and enjoys being part of the Unified Basketball team. She is excited for an in-person production!
Captain Crewe (BRAYDEN MAYMON)
Brayden is a 16-year-old sophomore student here at Southwick Regional School. He has always been interested in performing arts and has appeared in a few of the productions at Red Door Theatre in Agawam. He recently learned that his grandma used to do theater, and he thought that was really cool. He is also taking a theater class this semester, where he gets to learn how to properly portray emotion, get into characters, and much more!
Madame Dufarge/Officer (ALLISON KINGSLEY)
Allison Kingsley is a senior this year and is very excited to be a part of her 8th SRS Drama Club production! She was previously in the cast of THE WIZARD OF OZ, PETER AND THE STARCATCHER, BYE BYE BIRDIE, and ALMOST,MAINE (just to name a few). Loving all aspects of theatre, she has enjoyed the opportunity to be on stage and take place behind the scenes as an Assistant Director for various productions. Along with Drama, Allison takes part in dance, band, Girl Scouts, NHS, and continues to be a role model for her younger sister.
Gina is an 8th grader, and this is their first year being a part of drama. They also participate in the school Cheer team, and will often draw or play Animal Crossing in their free time.
Ermengarde (ELLA ANDRADE)
Ella is in 8th grade. She has been doing drama for many years; however, this is her second production at SRS. Her first production here was the radio show IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, so this will be her first time performing here in front of people.
Marylou is a 7th grader at SRS. She has been doing theatre since she was in kindergarten. Her first role was a duck in one of the Red Door Theatre's Tiny Tales productions, and she has been in many shows since then. Her most recent performance was in THE ADDAMS FAMILY MUSICAL with Valley Student Theatre. She is very excited to be performing in A LITTLE PRINCESS.
Rylie is a freshman. This is her first production at SRS; however; she has been doing productions with The Red Door Theater since she was eight and was in AFTER THE RAIN KING, FRANKENSTEIN THE MONSTERCAL, The Christmas Show and many more. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and pet rabbit, drawing, and playing video games.
Lillie is currently a sophomore. This will be her fourth production with the SRS Drama Club. She has appeared in BYE BYE BIRDIE (ensemble), IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (ensemble), and the 2021 SPRING MUSICAL REVUE (Scarecrow) She enjoys playing the cello and singing. She thanks her mom, dad and amazing big sister. She is excited to perform with this amazing cast. Enjoy the show!
Lily is an 8th grader. This is her first year as a member of the SRS Drama Club; she also participates in Stagecraft. She enjoys writing and is in the school chorus - she has been singing since she was two!
Evelyn is in 8th grade, and this will be her first SRS production. She has been on the stage for many years with productions at Nutmeg’s Dance and Theatre Co. She is delighted to be a part of the Ensemble for A LITTLE PRINCESS. In addition to drama, she enjoys various forms of dance and helping teach younger students ballet. She would like to thank her mom for driving her here.
Ensemble (TRICIA TRAN)
Tricia is an 8th grader at SRS and participated in Drama Club at Powder Mill. She is a part of the JV volleyball team of SRS for the fall. She currently is doing Cheer for winter as she loves to be active a lot. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and loves to cook. In her free time, she loves to help her dad at work, and coffee is a must for her. Thank you to Stephen for this opportunity and the good times in Drama Club.
Samantha is in 7th grade this year and excited to participate in her first Drama Club performance! Although she has helped her older sister Allison behind the scenes in past performances, Samantha is ready to follow her sister’s lead and make way to the stage! Not only will she be taking part on-stage, but Samantha is pleased to be apart of Stagecraft and work alongside Stage Crew during the show. Along with Drama, Samantha takes part in Band, Girl Scouts, Historical Board Games Club, and Cheer.
Angelica is a 7th grader. This is her first show at SRS. She also enjoys being a part of the school band, where she plays the Alto Saxophone. She loves being around animals, as well as her family and friends. She thanks her parents for always supporting her in pursuing her dreams, especially her mother, who was always her first audience.