About A Little Princess

Although it seems she is best known for her 1910 novel The Secret Garden, with its bold little heroine of Mary Lennoxnot as many people seem to know that author Frances Hodgson Burnett also wrote about another heroic young girl, five years prior, in A LITTLE PRINCESS. 

Sara Crewe, like Mary, is born into wealth and raised in India, until one day she is sent to live in a boarding school in England, run by the suspiciously over-kind Miss Minchin, while her father stays in India to mine for diamonds. Impressed by her expensive clothes and toys, Miss Minchin and the other Girls dote on their “Little Princess,” until news is delivered that her father is missing in a mine collapse and was, in fact, in massive debt all along, Miss Minchin now becomes a real-life wicked stepmother to the suddenly poor and orphaned Sara. But however mistreated Sara becomes, nothing seems to break her little spirit, nor the spirit she inspires in the other Girls around her. They discover that being a Princess does not mean living in a castle or having fancy clothes: it means being brave and benevolent, no matter where you are, or what you have. 

An endearing, humorous Cinderella/Princess-and-the-Pauper-esque story for girls---and boys---alike, don’t miss this too-often-overlooked Classic for all ages: Frances Hodgson Burnett's A LITTLE PRINCESS.

Southwick Regional School Drama Club


The students and advisers of the Southwick Regional Drama and Stagecraft Clubs are dedicated to presenting quality theater productions to the school and the wider local community. Through their involvement in this organization, participants learn all aspects of theater production, from performance and direction to costume, lighting, and set design.  For two decades, SRS has produced a Fall play and Spring Musical annually, with close to 100 students participating onstage, backstage, or in the booth during the season.   In recent years, the school has also hosted an Improv Team, One-Act Play Festivals, and a school-wide Talent Show.   Parents and Alumni are also encouraged to support our Cast and Crew members through participation in the SRS Drama Guild.

After the cancellation of its 2020 Spring Musical, SRS Performing Arts went virtual for the 2020-21 school year, using Zoom to rehearse and record a Radio Production and Musical Revue of songs from the Club's 20 years of productions.    Our cast, crew and production team are delighted to be back on stage, live and in-person, to present A LITTLE PRINCESS.

For information about our activities, contact Producer Janet Grunwald at [email protected]