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Shanda Bonn
This is Ms. Bonn’s 8th production at SVHS. She’s been teaching, producing, directing, and choreographing for over 20 years and holds theater degrees from Chapman University and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She enjoys illuminating the trials and joys of our shared human experience through live theater and loves it almost more than her children and her cats.
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Costume designer
Aliyah Saunders
Aliyah is a freshmen and this is her first year in theater at SVHS. She has found a pasion for costume design rather than acting and has enjoyed working with tech and her other classmates this semester.
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Stage Manager
Sophia Ishaq
Sophia is a junior in high school. She has been doing theater for 3 years. She enjoys drawing, reading, writing, and directing. But most of all, she loves the back stage life.
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Assistant Costume designer
Jade Johnson
Jade is a senior in highschool who along with drama also plays highschool and club soccer. Jade enjoys drawing and all aspects of art and actually wants to try and proceed with this skill in college. Even though she joined drama a little late in the year she still had a blast with the whole crew and appreciates the acceptance and kindness they had towards her.
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Lighting Designer
Kathleen Farrand
Kathleen is a senior in her first year of theater at SVHS. She has found a passion for the backstage environment and loves being responsible for putting some well deserved light on all of the talented actors in the show, and hopes the audience enjoys the show!
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Stage Crew
Jaleen Evans
Jaleen is a junior in high scgool, she has been in theatre for one whole year and she loves to help aroumd backstage and get things done for the cast.
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prop master
Jackson Lady
This is Jackson's first production at SVHS. He has been doing theater for a few years before SVHS. He enjoys the company of his friends and playing sports.

Production Team

Drama Club Cabinet:

Maddie Driscoll, President

Alyssa Cuervo, Vice President

Hannah Poetz, Secretary

Ximena Altamirano, Treasurer

Kathleen Farrand, Historian

Artwork: Jodi Helm @SnowChilled_Animations

Graphic design: Ms. Sharon Klug