The Internet is Distract - OH LOOK A KITTEN! Cast

Hannah Poetz (Wikipedia Contributor, Email, Adam, Fiona)
Hannah is a senior and has been doing theater for two years. Although she is an actor in this year's play she also loves directing! After high school she plans to attend Moorpark and major in theater arts.
William Flannery  ( Meme Voice, Catsby, Rachel Fan 1, Twitter, Announcer, Catilton, Devon )
Will is a senior and is in his first year of theater class. He has not done much larger-scale acting, so he is excited to see how this year will turn out. He plans on pursuing his musical passions after highschool but hopes to be able to continue pursuing his passion for drama as well. He dedicates this performance to all of his parents who always support him in whatever area of art he feels passionate about.
Alyssa Cuervo (Micah Burke )
Alyssa is a junior and is in her third year of theater. She is so excited for everyone to see this play and she hopes you enjoy it! She dedicates her performance to her older sister Julia who inspired her to join theater and be the best she can be.
Lizbeth Castro (Tinder, SnapChat, Grandma, Click Ad 2, Evan Goatsen)
Liz is a Freshman and is in her first year of theater. For her first time doing any sort of acting, she has found it very fun and is excited for this year's play. She dedicates her performance to her best friends.
Breanne St.Laurent  (Mom, Bing )
Breanne is a sophomore in her first year of theater. She has loved performing since she was little and looks forward to everyone seeing this year’s fall play. She dedicates this performance to her parents who have been her #1 supporters
Ximena Altamirano (Rachel, Hulu, Ninja, Facebook )
Mena is a junior and is in her first year of theater. She’s always loved the arts and even though she mostly does makeup/costume, she’s excited to perform in front of others. She dedicated this to her family who support her in everything she’s interested in.
Maddie Driscoll (Taylor)
Maddie is a senior and has been in theatre all four years of high school and will major in theatre arts after high school.
Greyson Crumrine (Boxing Cat, Wikipedia, Amazon Prime Video, Corban, Mark)
Greyson is a sophomore in his second year of theater. He hopes the audience gets in some laughs, and he dedicates this performance to his siblings.
Victoria Robledo (Assistant Stage Manager, Understudy)
Victoria is a senior and in her first year of theater. Victoria is so happy to have had the opportunity to participate in this great experience of new friendships and learning new acting skills every class. She hopes to keep these memories with the new friends she has made for years on. After high school, Victoria plans to go to a four year university and play soccer. Victoria hopes to make the most of her soccer career whether that be becoming a professional, semi-pro player, or coach.
Archana Arunkumar (Click-ad 1, Rachel fan 3, Hbo, Instagram, & Nina Benson)
Archana is a junior in her first year of theater at SVHS. She has been doing theater for years before participating in theater at SVHS. She has found so much enjoyment in the theater program here and hopes to make more memories this coming year. She says, “I hope the audience loves our performance and has lots of laughs.”
Saudia Tillman (Rachel Fan 2, Amazon, Everdeen, Ninja 2, Jenny, Clickbait 1)
Saudia is a senior and this is her first year doing theater at SVHS. Acting has always been one of her professions; she did theater summer programs and participated in acting/modeling opportunities in the past. In the future she will continue acting/modeling as a hobby while majoring in business during college.
Ethan Adair (Scary Voice, Netflix, Nina but Russian, Torch, Click Bait 2)
Ethan is a sophomore and in his first year of theater at SVHS. He has wanted to do theater for some time now and he hopes that he does a good job at it.