Ride the Cyclone Creative

Christopher Michael
Christopher Michael has spent the past five years building the Henry Drama Club program. He has years of experience as the former Associate Artistic Director of Phoenix-Ravenwing Theatre Company in Lancaster, Pa.
Assistant Director
Avery Zimmerman
Avery is an alumni who has been in previous shows from Henry drama club such as clue, she kills monsters, and little shop of horrors (as audrey 2). Some of his interests include classical music, swimming, and carnivorous plants.
Don Brooks
Don has had a love for the arts since the age of four and has taken his dance background to Ride The Cyclone. With Don’s new take on Broadway Dance Don guarantees you’ll be left speechless.
Music Director
Audrey Buturian Larson
Audrey is a teacher at Henry and has music directed for three other musicals, but mostly she is so pretty and funny and smart and that’s what matters.
Treasurer, backstage, social media
Lyn Hauge
Lyn is a freshman at Henry high-school. This is their second show with Henry drama club. They are very excited to present this show to you.
Box Office
Eli Yang
Eli is a freshman at Henry high-school and joined this year for the show “Ride The Cyclone”. He is currently doing box-office and he enjoys doing it. He loves playing volleyball and spending time with his family. He is determined to do anything if it means to better himself.
Light Designer
Keiko Hayward
Keiko is a sophomore in highschool who has participated in three previous shows. Keiko enjoys writing, reading, and swimming with various aquatic lifeforms.
Box Office
Matthew Vang
Matthew is a freshman in high-school who is apart of the Henry drama club. His role in Drama club is Box Office. His main hobbies are doing art, and reading.
Set building and curtains
Colin Knudsen
Colin is a sophomore at Henry high-school. He helped build the set for this play.
Tech Crew
Rex Morales
Rex is a senior at Henry high-school. They have been working in the Henry drama club since they were a sophomore. They have helped with several different plays.
Properties Manager
Ella Knaus
Ella is a freshman at Henry. This is her second time working backstage for Henry Drama Club. Ella enjoys crocheting, reading and listening to music.
Stage Manager
Chloe Ellingson
Chloe is a freshman at Henry High School. This will be the second play that Chloe has stage managed for Henry Drama Club. In her free time she enjoys drawing octopi, hugging her cats and solving math problems.
Erin Ambrosius
Erin is delighted to be making her debut costuming with Henry High. She has been sewing for the past decade and is excited to make the jump into costuming while still working as an electrical engineer. She has always been a theater kid at heart and is so proud of what the students have accomplished.
Light Designer
Tremaney Sumter
Tremaney got into light design because she really enjoyed Mr. Michael's class.
Dillon Walker
Dillon enjoyed working on building Karnak's booth and this is his first show with Drama Club.
Sound Design/Asst. Tech Director
Layla Cavin
Layla is a senior with a lot of Drama Club experience in set and sound design. She her loves her cat, Squid.

Original Creative Team

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell

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