About Ride the Cyclone

The lives of six teen chamber choir singers are cut short in a freak roller coaster accident. Stuck in the afterlife, a mechanical fortuneteller gives them a chance to sing their way back to earth.

Director's Note

It is safe to say that this was the most challenging show I have ever worked on. The dedication and hard work the cast and crew has put into this show speaks volumes for their love of it. It is indeed a madcap rollercoaster ride of emotion, drama, laughter, horror, song, and dance. None of our cast has had any formal training in singing or dancing, which added to the many demands of this production. They had entire school days before coming to such difficult rehearsals and had the willingness to be pushed beyond their comfort zones to bring this show to life. And I'm willing to bet that every single one of them would continue to do so for the sake of their own personal greatness. But the show must go on, and the aftermath will be just as challenging as they go their separate ways, back to their regularly scheduled monotony of high school doldrums, forever changed by this incredible journey, the same journey you will take in much shorter time, the culmination of all of their incredibly hard work! Thank you for supporting them! Enjoy the show!

Henry Drama Club

We strive to put on theatrical performances that push the envelope of high school theatre. We dare to do challenging work that amplifies our voices. We are the bold, the diligent, the dedicated. We are Henry Drama Club.

Special Thanks:

Henry Engineers, Henry RA Staff, Jason Bucklin, Nicole Lindemyer, Kaytie Kamphoff, Paul Compton and ACC, Laura Schuder-Tsai, Aleeza Mandel, Tamiko French, Emily Krikava, Erica Ilyich, Angelo Williamson, MELA, Pam Jacobson, Maryann Torres, Kari Lohse, Peter Carlson, and all our patrons and donors.