Ride the Cyclone Cast

Trinity Renée (Constance Understudy)
Trinity is a freshman at Henry high-school. They are an actor and crew member in Henry drama club. Their main hobbies include singing, dancing and participating in the drama club meetings.
Jae Walker (Mischa)
Jae is a junior in high-school, who has been in 2 drama club shows so far. Jae enjoys singing, dancing, and just overall chilling out.
Haedyn Vang (Ocean)
Haedyn is a freshman at Henry high-school. She played Osric during the show Fortinbras. She loves singing, reading, cooking and playing volleyball.
Kory Holmes (Jane Doe)
Kory is a senior in high-school who has participated in five shows with Henry drama club. She loves performace arts, she's always had a creative mind that never stops running! She loves Kpop anime and a lot of cartoon network shows! She hopes she can do acting and writing in the future!
Irina Xong (Ocean Understudy)
Irina is a Junior who likes to hang out with her friends. She is very outgoing and fun to be around. Ride the cyclone is her first play and she is very excited to present it to you!
Benny Bonner (Virgil the Rat)
Benny is a senior at Henry high-school. This is his 4th play with drama club.
Romie Rhiger (Ricky)
Romie is a senior at Henry. He has been involved in drama club since his sophomore year. Aside from theater, Romie is also involved in cross country and track and field. He hopes to continue both theater and running as hobbies beyond his high school career.
Esther Allebach (Noel)
Esther is a Junior at Henry. They have been on stage in drama club since their freshman year. They acted in Night Of the Living Dead, Clue, She Kills Monsters, Little Shop Of Horrors, Fortinbras and now Ride The Cyclone. They hope to do theater and makeup after high school for a career/hobby.
Yasmine Nur (Constance)
Yasmine is a freshman at Henry high-school. This is her first show with Henry drama club. She is excited to present it to you.
Kel Draine (Karnak)
Kel is a senior in high school. He’s been in five Productions at Henry. They include, NOTLD, little shop, she kills, Fortinbras, and this show! Ride the cyclone. He intends on acting as a career after high school.