Alice in Wonderland (Duffield) Creative

Michelle Goodwin
Michelle is excited to be theatre director at Goodrich High School! She has always believed in the importance of the creative arts. Alice in Wonderland is the second show she's been involved in, and she's very excited for all the work the cast and crew has put into it. It has been an incredible learning experience this year.
Technical Director
Patricia Whittaker
Tricia is excited to be back as the technical director at Goodrich High School! She has ran tech for other local productions at Lake Fenton, Fenton, Fenton Community Players and Wishing Well Theatre. She has had a blast working with the students and is amazed at seeing their dedication and improvement throughout rehearsals to the show. She can't wait for the audience to laugh with the characters and see Alice go on her adventure through Wonderland!
Wardrobe/Knave of Hearts
Sadie McClellan
Sadie is a junior at Goodrich. There is her 5th show as the costume designer, and she does the hair and makeup. She makes everyone look good, that's her job! She is also on the Goodrich Varsity Dance Team and has been on it for 3 years. Her favorite part about her job is seeing all the costumes come together on stage. She hopes you enjoy the show, and she wants to thank her family for allowing her to have this amazing experience.
Jessie Smith
Jessie is a junior and this is her first year doing theatre helping Sadie with costumes. She does color guard and tennis. She's really excited to be a part of her first show!
Sound Tech
Casey McClellan
This is Casey's 3rd year in theatre and 5th show. She is on the soundboard again and is really excited for you all to see our hard work! She'd like to thank her parents for all their support in everything she does, and the cast, crew, and director for being able to put this amazing show together.
Light Tech
Gilbert Buhl
Gilbert is a junior at Goodrich High School. This is Gilbert’s third performance as the light board operator. Gilbert is excited for this year’s spring play, Alice In Wonderland, and to share in another successful performance. He would like to thank everyone who has supported him throughout this performance. He hopes you enjoy the play!
Evelyn Edenburn
This is Evelyn Edenburn’s 2nd show in theatre, and as a set builder/stagehand. This is also her senior year. After seeing first hand how amazing and fun it was, she decided to do it again. She is so excited to be a part of theatre. As this will be her last show she can’t wait to see what the program has in store for years to come. She’d like to thank her parents for their support even though things got hectic, she also wants to thank the directors for putting up with her tough schedule, and of course the cast and crew! Thank you all and enjoy the show!
Riley Lorencz
Riley is a sophomore at Goodrich High School and this is her first theatre production. She helped with set design and is working as a stagehand during the show. She’d like to thank her loving friends and family for supporting her every endeavor as well as all the outstanding people in theatre for their dedication, hard work, and ability to laugh at her mediocre jokes. Likewise, she thanks the audience for supporting the production and wishes them a curious journey into Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.
Stage Crew
Annabelle Harvey
This is Annabelle's first time in theatre. She is a freshman. She is part of the crew and hopes to become an actress when she grows up.
Stage Crew
Audrey Wilson
Audrey Wilson is a sophomore at Goodrich High School. This is her first time being involved in a theatre production held by the high school. She is in tech and absolutely loves it. She'd like to thank the whole tech crew and actors and actresses for making this whole process of the Alice in Wonderland production such an amazing time!
Stage Crew
Aven Young
This is Aven's 2nd time in a Goodrich High School production and first time doing tech! She has worked very hard to make this production a good one. She would like to thank her parents and siblings for always being supportive. She hopes you enjoy the show just as much as she enjoyed making it.
Stage Crew
Marie Stefanski
This is Marie's very first time in theatre! She is working set design and very happy to be helping with such a big show! She has always loved theatre and would like to give a special thanks to her sister Abby Stefanski and her best friend Aven Young for always supporting her and encouraging her to join theatre! She hopes you enjoy the show just as much as she enjoyed making it!
Valerie Loew
Thank you Valerie for coming in and helping us with hemming and altering the costumes!
Lorna Brooks
We want to thank Lorna for volunteering and assisting us costume our cast!
Set Construction
Kent Shoemaker
Thank you for coming in and helping build our amazing set and mushrooms!
Set Construction
Jeff Smith
Thank you for coming in and helping build our amazing set and pillars!
Set Construction
Fred Krause
Thank you for coming in and helping build our amazing set and props!
Parent Volunteers
Ticket Booth
We want to thank all of the parents and friend that helped man our ticket booth. Without them, no one could come through those doors!

Original Creative Team

The Creative Team is very excited for you to see how hard they have been working!  This team has had many late nights of painting, designing, building, gluing, drawing, nailing, drilling, and they have handled it all with so many other responsibilities in their own lives.