Alice in Wonderland (Duffield) Cast

Rachel Shoemaker (Alice)
Rachel is a senior at Goodrich High School. This will be her fifth show for Goodrich Theatre. She is extremely excited to be playing Alice in her final show with Goodrich! Rachel is so grateful for her whole family who has supported her and helped out with this production! She would like to thank all of the cast and crew who have supported her throughout her this show (especially her best friend who probably has gone crazy after hearing her lines so often)! Rachel hopes that everyone enjoys the show as much as she does!
Natalie Pike (White Rabbit)
Natalie Pike is a sixteen year old sophomore, who loves theatre with all her heart. She’s been in four performances with Goodrich High School so far. Besides theatre, she is in high school concert band. Natalie has always loved the arts ever since she was a kid. Natalie will always love theatre forever, and will never plan on stopping her passion for it.
Belle Adams (Queen of Hearts)
This is Belle’s last performance in Goodrich Theatre this year, she is a senior this year and will be graduating in May. Belle is very excited to be playing the Queen of Hearts in the production of Alice in Wonderland! Belle would like to thank her Dad for the inspiration he gives her to continue in her caring career, and the rest of her family for supporting her in her senior year!
Calix Nelson (Mad Hatter / Executioner)
Calix Nelson is a junior within the cast, 3rd year acting and 5th show. He would like to thank the village for supporting the theatre, and especially thank everyone within the cast and crew for making every production special.
Saryn Weatherhead (Tweedledee / Cook / Card Soldier)
Saryn is a junior at Goodrich and this will be her 5th play at Goodrich and 8th play overall. She will be playing the parts of Tweedledee, the cook, and one of the card soldiers. She has always loved theatre and the atmosphere around plays. She is very excited to be a part of our production of Alice in Wonderland. She hopes that you all enjoy the show.
Ayden Bliss (Caterpillar / Herald / Card Soldier)
Ayden is a Sophomore in High School. He will be playing the Caterpillar, Herald and Card Soldier!
Abigail Stefanski (Mouse)
Abby Stefanski is a junior. This is her first year at Goodrich High School, as well as her first year doing theatre! This is her 2nd show, her 1st being the fall play "Murder by the Book." She will be playing as the Mouse and is so excited for the show! She wants to thank her teachers, coaches, friends, and family for encouraging her to continue trying new things. She hopes you have a madly wonderful time watching the production!
Benjamin Benson (Fish Footman / 2 of Spades)
This is Benjamin's first performance ever! He is a freshman. Ben is very excited to be a part of such an amazing crew here at Goodrich in our production of Alice in Wonderland!
Zyanya Cheff (Frog Footman / 7 of Spades)
Zyanya Cheff is a sophomore at Goodrich High School. This only her second time in theatre, but this time she decided to be in the play! She did have a couple small parts in plays during a theatre summer camp. She thanks all her friends and family for support and the cast for so much support and understanding.
Lillian Edenburn  (Duchess)
Lillian Edenburn is a junior, with this being her 5th show. She is playing the role of the Duchess and she is very excited to be joining in this production.
Alexis Babenko  (Cheshire Cat / Red Queen)
Alexis is is senior at Goodrich. She has previously been involved in two other shows during her years at GHS. She has enjoyed all of the being a part of the show and is excited to bring it to life for all of you.
Avery Martin (March Hare / Tweedledum)
Avery Martin is a sophomore, and this is her 4th show at GHS. She will be playing the roles of the March Hare and TweedleDum. She adores the theatre and everyone in it and the experience she is always given. Avery is also in choir so she can still perform and enjoy the stage outside of theatre. She cannot wait for the performance and many more to come!
Alexis Lewis (Dormouse)
Alexis is a freshman at Goodrich High School and this is her 2nd production. She will be playing the Dormouse in the show Alice in Wonderland. Her first production was a great experience and she can’t wait for future shows. She’s very excited to be a part of this production and she hopes everyone is just as thrilled.
RaeLynn (5 of Spades)
Rae-Lynn is a fifth grader at Swartz Creek. She's been in both dance and cheer, and is excited to try something new. Though it is not what she expected, she is very grateful for the opportunity to act in a high school play! Rae-Lynn would like to thank her family, especially her Aunt Alexa, for being so supportive, the whole cast and crew for being so nice, and all of her friends for helping her with her lines. She hopes you enjoy the play!
Stephen Iden (King of Hearts)
Who’s making his theatre debut? This is Stephen’s first ever performance! Stephen is a senior at Goodrich High School. He is playing the King of Hearts. Stephen has always enjoyed the theatre performances and was in pit for the Charlie Brown production. Stephen is very grateful for his parents who encourage him to be involved in anything and his many friends who persuaded to audition for the play. Stephen can’t wait to hear everyone’s laughter and enjoyment of the show.
Cecilia Krause (Gryphon)
Cecilia is a freshman at Goodrich High School, and this is her second production with the school. She will be playing the role of the Gryphon in our production of Alice in Wonderland. She has been performing from a very young age, and is so excited to keep going. She hopes you enjoy watching us perform as much as we enjoy putting on the play!
Alexa Smith (Mock Turtle)
Alexa is a sophomore at Goodrich High School. Though this is her first time doing theatre, she is no stranger to the stage as she has performed many times as a dancer. Alexa is super excited to try something new and make wonderful memories with her friends. She'd like to give a special thanks to her friend Rachel Shoemaker (Alice) for convincing her to join theater!
Diana Muzyk (White Queen)
Diana Muzyk is a Senior at Goodrich High School, and this will be her first performing role in a show! She previously helped as a part of the crew for the fall show, and she is extremely excited to be playing the role of the White Queen in this production. She is no stranger to performing as she has been a competitive figure skater for 14 years and has been an avid fan of theatre for many years now. She would like to thank everyone who has been able to make this production possible, and to all of her cast mates for being so supportive! We all hope you enjoy our show!
Bret Fernald (Humpty Dumpty)
Bret has been in theatre for one year. This is his second Goodrich theatre performance. Bret is a sophomore. He will be playing the role of Humpty Dumpty. Bret enjoys acting because he believes it will benefit him later in life. Bret’s favorite part about theatre is seeing what goes into the performances and seeing the outcome.