About Alice in Wonderland (Duffield)

Alice in Wonderland by Brainerd Duffield [From the story by Lewis Carroll]

Alice plunges down the rabbit hole and becomes involved in that madcap and deliciously satiric series of adventures immortalized by Lewis Carroll. Dramatized as a series of fourteen episodes from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, this play may be produced as a full-length or as a one-act cutting. A kaleidoscope of action and madness, with the necessary elements of suspense and frustration to make it all work. 

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Goodrich High School

Goodrich High School is proud to be the producing Alice in Wonderland (Duffield)!  They cannot wait for you to see their hard work in performing this three act play written by Brainerd Duffield, based on the original novel by Lewis Carroll!

Goodrich High School Theatre would like to extend a special thanks to all parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents who assisted with set building, wardrobe creation/alteration, food during show weekend, and everything else they helped out with. A production this large would not have been possible without your involvement!