Annie The Musical Cast

Elizabeth Velander (Annie)
Elizabeth is in 10th grade at BB&N and is so happy to have been given the chance to continue working with the cast and crew of the winter musical. This is her second production and she has learned so much about music, hard work, and character work. Outside of the musical Elizabeth loves to row, read, sail, and debate. She hopes you enjoy the show and thanks the cast and crew for all of their hard work.
Asher Esty (Oliver Warbucks)
Asher is a junior at BB&N and is excited to be working on the musical. He has been in two shows at BB&N, playing the Wolf in Into the Woods and Amos in Chicago. Outside of school, he enjoys cooking, playing sports and video games, and spending time with friends. He would like to thank everybody who made this production possible.
Sophia Stafford (Grace Farrell)
Sophia is a junior, excited to act in her 3rd BB&N musical. Outside of rehearsal, (when not frantically studying in the quiet room) she enjoys writing, debating, and spending time with her friends. She thanks the entire company for their commitment and enthusiasm, which made rehearsals something to look forward to. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Nandita Aggarwal (Molly)
Nandita Aggarwal is in 11th grade at BB&N and is excited to be playing Molly in Annie this year. This is her fourth season participating in the BB&N theater department. In her free time, she enjoys community service, reading, playing golf, singing, and spending time with friends. She thanks everyone in the production for their hard work and for making this a great experience and hopes that you enjoy the show!
Miley Chen (Duffy)
Miley (she/her) is a junior at BB&N, and she is thrilled to play Duffy in Annie. You might have seen her in previous BB&N productions such as: Shakespeare in Love as Christopher (Kit) Marlowe or Collected Stories as Lisa Morrison. Although she is more accustomed to dramatic productions, Miley is ecstatic to perform in her first musical at the BB&N Upper School! She wishes to thank her parents, the director, and the wonderful cast and crew for their unconditional support; additionally, she would like to thank her dog for helping her with her dog impression.
Blien Berhane (Pepper)
Blien Berhane is a senior and previously had the part of Sleeping Beauty in BB&N's production of Into the Woods. She is ecstatic to act in Annie, her last production at BB&N. She is thankful to her peers and her BELOVED Nicole Resnick, the assistant director.
Christine Tao (Tessie)
Christine, a freshman at BB&N, is eagerly anticipating her debut in this year's Winter Musical, Annie. She plays Tessie the Orphan, a character known for being whiny and bratty, often exclaiming her signature line, "Oh my goodness!" Despite Tessie's quirks, she shares a close bond with all the orphans, specifically Molly and Annie. Beyond her theatrical pursuits, Christine has a passion for golfing, surfing, and drawing. Grateful for the opportunity that the BB&N Theatrical Program has given her, she is enthusiastic about the upcoming shows and hopes the audience will enjoy them as much as she does!
Sydney Francis (July)
Sydney Francis (July) is currently a sophomore in high school and returns to the BB&N stage after appearing in Chicago last year. Outside of theatre, Sydney loves to read, bake, and run track. Sydney would like to thank her family and friends who have always come to support her. She’d also like to thank her directors and cast for working incredibly hard, and challenging her to be her best. Sydney thanks the audience for coming and hopes you enjoy the show!
Aleena 'Ash' Surati (Kate)
Ash is a sophomore and a lifer at BB&N, and this is their second high school theatrical production. Ash loves crew, singing, drawing, and reading. Ash is super thankful for everyone who has worked to put this production together and the hard work they have all done.
Eva Helie (Miss Hannigan)
Charlie Griswold (Bundles, Healy, Morganthaut)
Charlie is in the 9th grade at BB&N and is in his first year at the school, and has been doing various forms of theater since he was in the 1st grade. He loves to ski, play chess, listen to music of various genres, and play sports such as soccer and tennis. He is excited to show what he has to offer in the performance, and hopes that everyone enjoys the show!
Alexandra Nassikas (Apple Seller, Mrs Pugh, Brandeis)
Alexandra is in 10th grade at BB&N and this is her second year performing in the musical. Outside of school, she likes to read, bake, and play the flute. She is very excited for everybody to see the hard work that was put into the show and hopes you enjoy it.
Deniz Keles (Dog Catcher, Drake, Cop, Harold Ickes)
Sari Goldberg (Orphan, Asst. Dog Catcher, Hooverville Person, Kaltenborn)
Sari is in 9th grade at BB&N, and this is her first time participating in BB&N Theatre Arts as a part of the ensemble. Outside of school, Sari enjoys reading, baking, and movie marathons with her sister. She has had fun watching the show develop and appreciates the cast's dedication. Enjoy the show!
Nikki Minsky (Officer Ward, Roosevelt, Connie Boylan)
Amanda Berlin (Hooverville Person, Orphan, Mrs. Greer, Star-to-Be)
Amanda Berlin is in 10th grade at BB&N and this is her second year participating in BB&N Theater Arts. She is excited to be playing Star-to-Be, a Servant, an orphan, Mrs. Greer and a Hooverville man. Outside of school, she loves to play/write music, play lacrosse, and spend time with her friends and family. She is extremely grateful for everyone that is watching the show, and of course her cast-mates who made this experience so memorable.
Lindsay Kwon (Ronnie Boylan, Hooverville Person, Servant)
Lindsay is a ninth-grade student at BB&N who primarily enjoys singing and participating in any music-related activities in her free time. She is playing the role of one of the Boylan sisters and various background characters in the production. She hopes that everyone will enjoy the show and thanks everyone who has made it possible!
Cookie Nassif (Orphan, Hooverville Person, Servant)
Kathy Lin (Orphan, Sophie, Hull)
Kathy is in 9th grade at BB&N and is very excited to be in the cast for the Winter Musical. Outside of school, she likes to dance, bake, read, and spends her time doing math and computer science. She hopes the shows go well, and that everyone enjoys themselves!
Rose Fahy (Rooster Hannigan)
Rose is thrilled to be playing Rooster Hannigan in Annie the Musical. This is her fifth and final production at the BB&N Upper School. Her previous roles include Roxie Hart in Chicago, Rapunzel in Into The Woods, Puck in Dream the Musical, and a Youth in OR21. She would like to thank her family for their constant support and the whole cast and crew for a wonderful four years.
Anja Caverley-Light (Lilly, Bonnie Boylan)
Anja is a senior at BB&N and is playing Lily St. Regis and Bonnie Boylan in the school’s production of Annie. She also participated as Matron Mama Morton in last year's Chicago and Cinderella's Stepmother in Into The Woods. Inspired by her love for music, she decided to try the musical her freshman year and has enjoyed it ever since. In her free time, Anja likes to write and read, play with her two dogs, and sing in the school’s acapella and chorale groups. She would like to thank everyone involved in this year’s production and hopes you enjoy the show!
Whitney Pecoraro (Orphan, Cecille)
Whitney is a 9th grader who is so excited for her first theater production at BB&N. Aside from theater she enjoys dancing, tennis, and baking. She would like to thank her family, her friends, and hopes you love the show.
Sherry Ren (Costume Team)
Hannah Brodsky (Costume Team)
Hannah is excited to make costumes for the Winter Musical. Hannah loves creative writing and baking for her family. She is a junior and enjoys taking part in the BB&N theater department. This is her sixth season of costume crew and she loves the opportunity to work with new people.
Merit Hodgson (Costume Team)
Merit is excited to be a part of this production! This is her second show working on the costume crew and her third time working with the BB&N theater department. In her free time, Merit enjoys rock climbing, painting, and reading. She would like to thank all of the amazing people involved in putting this show together.
Caroline Goebel (Costume Team)
Nnema Epee-Bounya (Costume Team)
Nnema is in 12th grade at BB&N and joined the incredible costume design team this year as an effort to step out of her comfort zone and gain valuable life skills. Outside of school, she loves to read and write, spend time with her family, and watch movies. She is constantly impressed by the entire team's hard work and dedication, and hopes that you enjoy the show!
Alexandra Adams (Costume Team)
Alex is in the 12th grade at BB&N and is excited to be a part of the Costume Design Team for her first year. Alex loves to bake, color, and spend time with her friends. Alex hopes you all enjoy the show!
Sam Minsky (Crew-ASM)
Sam is in 10th grade and this will be their fourth performance at BB&N. They are excited to watch this year's musical and to see how the set comes together. In their free time they enjoy writing short story prompts, researching space, and binging webnovels and webtoons. They can't wait to watch the show and see how everyone's hard work meshes together into a beautiful performance that everyone can enjoy.
Charlotte Rubins (Crew-A1)
Charlotte is in 10th grade and has been a part of BB&N’s stage crew for two years. When she is not in school, Charlotte likes to cook, read, and row. She thanks everyone for working so hard on this production! Enjoy the show!
Beckett Turley (Crew-Q Lab Operator)
Yancheng Zhao  (Crew-Lightboard Operator)
Yancheng is in tenth grade at BB&N, and this is his second season participating in the Theater program at the Upper School. Last year, he served as the light board operator for Chicago and is thrilled to continue working with the production team this year. He enjoys programming, sailing, playing games, having fun with friends, and learning cool facts in his free time. He appreciates the hard work put in by all company members and hopes everyone enjoys the show!
Shane McCauley (Crew-Follow Spot Operator)
Shane is a senior excited to be participating in his sixth BB&N theater production with Annie. His previous work for the department has included acting in the past two fall plays, doing tech crew for two other productions, and assistant-directing last year's spring show. Outside of school, he enjoys reading, playing video games, and listening to music.
Salar Sekhavat (Crew-Follow Spot Operator)
Salar Sekhavat is in 10th grade at BB&N and is incredibly excited to be working as part of the production team, having been a cast member in Chicago last season. Outside of school, he loves to code, debate, play the violin, and learn about aerospace. He thanks everyone whose efforts are culminating in this wonderful show, and he hopes you enjoy it!
Christian Hernandez (Crew-Follow Spot Operator)
Christian is a sophomore who enjoys video games and hanging out with friends. He worked on the stage of the play, where the crew paint, cut, and put together the scenery that is shown. The experience was very enjoyable!
Adrian Resnick (Crew-Follow Spot Operator)
Adrian Resnick is one of the spotlight controllers for BB&N's production of Annie. Outside of school he likes playing video games and hanging out with his friends.
Alec Bailey (Stage Crew)
Alec is a sophomore at BB&N and is excited to work backstage on this musical. Outside of school he enjoys learning about various historical topics and playing video games with friends. He hopes that you enjoy the show and return for future performances.
Eliza Cohen (Stage Crew)
Eliza is in 11th grade and this is her 2nd time participating as a part of the production team in the BB&N Theater Arts. She also enjoys rowing, woodworking, and in her free time, playing the guitar. Eliza would like to congratulate everyone on their hard work on this show and hopes that you enjoy!
Emily Huehn (Stage Crew)
Emily is a senior at BB&N and is thrilled to join the crew of Annie after playing the title role in a 2018 production. Outside of school, she plays field hockey and hockey, rows crew, and scrapbooks in her free time. As a huge musical theatre fan, Emily is so excited to help out with a production and try something new. She thanks the cast and crew for their commitment to the show and for welcoming her into the theatre community, and she hopes that you enjoy the show!
Sydney Ruiz (Stage Crew)
Sydney Ruiz is a 9th grader who is part of the stage crew! She's a dedicated artist and loves to draw in paint in her free time. She's on the crew team at BB&N and participated in the Head of the Charles in the fall. Outside of school, she loves to read, travel the world, and bake. She admires everyone in the cast and crew for their dedication and hard work in this year's musical, and hopes you enjoy the show!
Josh Curhan (Pit Band-Keyboard)
Joshua Curhan is a Junior at BB&N, and this is his third year playing the piano for the winter musical. He's looking forward to running on the Track team this Spring and learning a new set of songs in the Monday group jazz band!
Ava Elliot (Pit-Cello)
Ava is a senior and delighted to accompany BB&N’s talented actors in Thomas Meehan's Annie. She is grateful to have the opportunity to immerse herself in this musical environment once again following her previous performances in Into the Woods and Chicago. Ava participates on the school rowing and wrestling teams, and is looking forward to her education beyond BB&N to pursue a career in STEM. She has been classically trained for five years and is incredibly grateful for her parents and teachers who have fostered her artistic journey.
Presley Jacobson (Pit-Violin)
Presley is in 11th grade, and she is so excited to play violin in Annie. This is her fifth BB&N theatrical production, having acted in two plays and played in the pit for two musicals. Beyond theater, she is a captain of the Speech and Debate Team, a member of the BB&N Orchestra/Chamber Ensemble, and a leader of the Girls Advancing In STEM Club. Presley would like to thank her fellow musicians, the actors, the crew, the costume team, and the faculty for all of the hard work they put into creating this wonderful musical.
Caroline Jiang (Pit Manager-Flute and Piccolo)
Caroline is a senior and this year is her third year playing in the pit. She is excited to participate in Annie and to play both flute and piccolo for the second year in a row. Caroline thanks her parents for their support and the Theater Department for giving musicians this wonderful opportunity!
Hailey Jiang (Pit-Violin)
Hailey Jiang is a sophomore at BB&N. She has been a part of the fall play since freshman year and she performed in the Chicago musical. This is her first year in the pit band. She is a part of the hockey team, the crew team, and The Spectator. Outside of school, she figure skates and is a mentor on the Theater on Ice Overture team. In her free time, she enjoys writing, listening to music, and playing with her cats.
Ari Kung (Pit Band-Keyboard)
Matthias Paulson (Pit Band- Drums)
Enrica Parmigiani (Pit Band-Flute)
Meeka Toure (Pit Band- Double Bass)
Trumpet (Nicole Edgecombe)
Daniel Walker (Trombone)
David Hero (Clarinet and Saxophone)