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Welcome to the online home of the WHMS Fine Arts Department!  On this site you'll be able to stay up to date on all of the happenings for both Theatre WHMS, WHMS Studios, as well as The WHMS Power Choirs.

The WHMS Fine Arts Department is dedicated to providing practical, rigorous, hands-on training in the performing arts for our students, an engaging, open, and welcoming environment to our families, and the finest entertainment, and service to our community.  

Did You Know?

  • The WHMS Fine Arts Department will present 10 different production each year - Making WHMS the most active performing arts program in Lake County!
  • The WHMS Fine Arts Department is dedicated to Community Service - We are proud to say that over the past 6 years, we have committed to more than $40, 000 in charitable contributions to local and national charities.  Through our WHMS Fine Arts Charities foundation, we donate 100% of the proceeds of at least 1 performance a year to charity.  Additionally, we are the proud sponsors of Wolfy's Market, a free of charge food market open to our students, families, and school community.
  • The WHMS Fine Arts Department is for the family - All of our productions are family-friendly presentations. We encourage and invite families of all ages to enjoy an evening of live performance here at Windy Hill Middle School!

Thanks for visiting The WHMS Fine Arts Department…we hope to see you at our next production!