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The arts bring people of all backgrounds and cultures together. We exhibit and encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our goal is to break through closet doors and demolish divisive concrete walls around the nation through the power of the arts. We understand the impact of mission-focused theatrical performances and we are ready to keep that impact going. Let your arts experience begin with us.

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Help Us Preserve and Share LGBTQ+ Stories That Matter!

Join us in supporting the production of the Stormé DeLarverie musical play—STORMÉ—and help fund a special run that will share this important story with even more people. Across America today, the LGBTQ+ community is facing unprecedented attacks on our rights and dignity from “Don’t Say Gay to the criminalization of public Drag Shows to restrictions on race, gender identity and American history lessons. Over 1,800 books with LGBTQ+ content were banned in more than 5,000 schools during 2022. We refuse to let our history be erased. And that's why we're sounding the alarm and asking for your help to tell the story of an LGBTQIAGNC+ icon—STORME’.

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