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In June 2024 Speeding Theatre will be auditioning Elaine May's Adaptation for a production at the end of Sept 2024 - watch for Audition dates and location on this website


Speeding Theater is currently looking for a male actor/singer for a 2 person musical by Missy Parker. Age range 30 - 50. Will need to sing and read for audition. Resumes and pictures being accepted at [email protected] - will contact for audition time



Workshop performance policies below:

Recently The Speeding Theatre board has clarified policies for participation in the workshops and performances. See below.

 Please remember: Speeding Theatre does not provide performance material for individuals, but welcomes your artistic talents in the performance pieces you prepare.

Those who want to perform in shows need to bring their own show pieces to workshop for approval to be put into outreach cabaret shows. 

If you sing you need to find your back up music tracks (not accompanist) and prepare your song to be performed at workshop.  If you dance, find your music, prepare your dance to perform at workshop. If you act, find your scene, monologue or story, rehearse and prepare it to perform at workshop. If you play a musical instrument prepare a piece to be performed at workshop.  Performance pieces of all kinds can be showcased at workshop.  Performers will be given an opportunity to perform and then notified if their pieces would be suitable for an outreach show.

(A resource table of some plays, skits and song sheets are available at workshops, as a source of possible performance ideas)

Shows are being booked for 2024 and we look forward to your participation.

       Important Information for Speeding Theatre-Over 55 Workshop Participants

Rehearsal Commitment:  Carmen and Rip work together to determine that all acts to be included in upcoming Outreach Variety Shows are ready for prime time.

  1. Participants are expected to bring material they would like to perform (songs with music tracks, dance routines, skits, monologues or magic acts) to audition for inclusion in future shows.
  2. All songs and their performance must be approved by Carmen.
  3. If a song or other act is an established part of an individual’s repertoire, or if it is a new act that has been determined by Carmen and/or Rip to be show-ready, attendance at one “brush-up” rehearsal and then participation in the pre-show run-through is required.  Carmen and Rip reserve the right to make exceptions in special circumstances. Compliance with this policy is required to have more than one song/act included in the show.


Donations to The Speeding Theatre: TST is a not-for-profit organization that is not structured to require the payment of dues. However, all Workshop participants are encouraged to make a small contribution to help TST pay for ongoing operational expenses like rehearsal space rental and storage rental, equipment, marketing, insurance, etc. that are required to keep our nonprofit senior theatre group going.

  1. A donation of $10 a month has been requested of Workshop participants since the founding of The Speeding Theatre in 2011.
  2. Workshop participants can continue to make a monthly donation of $10 or, if it is more convenient, starting in January 2024 they can make a one-time annual donation of $75.  After January, one-time annual donations will be $100.



The Speeding Theatre – Over 55, Board of Directors