Hindsight Creative

Stage Manager
Tyler Appleby
A senior Theatre major set to graduate this December, Tyler is working as the Stage Manager and Scenic Carpenter for Hindsight this semester. Some more interesting things about Tyler: Loves sharp implements and making sandwiches, is an Eagle Scout, has a strange love of the Unusual, can juggle and throw playing cards, is a member of Whitworth's improv team, "Cool Whip," has written and self-published 12 books to-date, taught himself music theory and plays 5 instruments, and is currently directing an original play for his senior project, called "The Fickle." He thanks Joe (his diligent ASM), Andy (the highly skilled director), and the wonderful cast for all their hard work. Enjoy the show!
Assistant Stage Manager
Joe Henson
A sophomore at Whitworth studying Theater and Speech Communication, Joe is Assistant Stage Manager and Director of Featured Firsts. Before coming to Whitworth he had been in shows such as Beauty and the Beast, A Few Good Men, and Legally Blonde. Last year he played Jack in the Importance of Being Earnest and Egeus in A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Whitworth. Joe would like to thank his very supportive parents Tim and Janette.
Stage II Technical Director
Kjiersten Schmidt
Kjiersten is studying the art of asking questions. She is curious about how art and narrative shape human lives. Her time at Whitworth has been spent investigating these ideas through theatrical, theological, and philosophical, and nonsensical conversations. After she graduates she plans to continue this exploration by following the threads of opportunity, coincidence, and providence to where they may lead her. Officially, Kjiersten is a senior Theatre-Production major.
Lighting Designer
Kaylee Unwin
Lighting Designer Assistant for Hindsight. Kaylee is a sophomore currently studying Elementary Education, with a math minor.
Sound Designer
Anna Steere
A sophomore majoring in Biology and Theatre, Anna is the sound designer for this year's theatre productions. Anna's primary theatre discipline is sound design, which she has been doing for around five years. In addition to theatre, Anna loves gallivanting in the wilderness and petting dogs.
Assistant Director
Rowenna Nelson
Rowenna is the assistant director and scenic charge for this show. She is a Senior this year with majors in Theatre, History and Secondary Education. After I graduate I want to go to grad school for directing and work within different areas of the theatre industry and possibly become a professor of theatre at a university. I want to thank my friends and family and the cast and crew for their hard work.