About Antigone

A country in chaos. Community members felled by a mysterious plague. Distrust and disinformation. Who chooses to do what's right? In Thebes, a young woman is willing to sacrifice her life to do right by her brother. Her uncle tries to lead a broken country. What are we willing to sacrifice for justice? What might Antigone teach us today?

Whitworth University Theatre

Whitworth Theatre is a collaborative training ground for storytellers, performers and theatre-makers. We believe theatre is rooted in the investigation of the diversity of the human experience and can only be successful when it is actively anti-racist and disavows all forms of oppression. Through rigorous personalized study, students learn to amplify their voices and articulate meaningful connections between the art they create and the beliefs they hold.

We are a vibrant, collaborative learning community that welcomes all students to explore and enhance their creativity through main-stage productions, our Festival of Short Plays and more. We focus on providing individualized experiences to encourage students artistic voice, whether acting onstage or working backstage.  On a typical day, you'll find students rehearsing an acting scene, painting a set, choreographing an original student-led piece, or just enjoying being together as a theatre family.