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Malú Huacuja del Toro
Malú HDT (short for Malú Huacuja del Toro) is an icon of the Mexican feminist counterculture since the 90’s to date. Her most recent credits include the screenplay for the movie “Rencor tatuado” now available on Netflix (directed by the two-time Berlin Festival Teddy Award winner Julián Hernández), her novel “Al final del patriarcado” (“At The End of Patriarchy”) which won a special mention from the jury of the Ediciones Oblicuas literary contest 2021 in Barcelona, Spain, and her new feminist crime novel “Todo es personal” (“Everything is Personal”, Malpaso, Barcelona, Spain, 2021), a humorous criticism against narco-culture and sexist TV series like “Narcos.” More information in English: Malú Huacuja del Toro - Wikipedia
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Carl Randolph
Carl Randolph (Director) Carl has worked in many aspects of theatre including producing, directing, choreographing, acting and FX make-up. Some credits include the Helen Hayes wining production of A Chorus Line (Zach) at Olney Theatre Center, A Prayer for Owen Meany (Dan Needham) at Round House Theatre, Lying In State (Gov. Fred), Killer Angels (Col. Lawrence Chamberlain) and The Importance of Being Earnest (Jack Worthing) at Wayside Theatre; Noel & Gertie (Noel Coward) at Henlopen Theatre Project and MetroStage; Shear Madness (Eddie Lawrence) at the Kennedy Center and Bobby in the national tour of A Chorus Line. He was the choreographer/lead dancer for Spooktacular with Illusionists John Bundy and Morgan. He has appeared in such films as Fear of Clowns (Bert); Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Gabriel Utterson); Fall of the Morningstar (Satan); Sorcerer of Stonehenge School (Devlin the Destroyer), and the film noir Last Rights playing Detective Jack McGregor. Television appearances include episodes of The Prosecutors, Civil War Combat and Special Forces: GSG 9. He earned his MA in Producing film at American University and his MFA in Directing from Catholic University. A proud member of SDC (associate), AEA, and SAG/AFTRA. Carl is the Founding Producing Artistic Director for Transformation Theatre (
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Hernando Cruz
Hernando is a performing artist interested in the creation of narratives and characters who lives in Bogotá, Colombia, where he has worked in communications and production of several cultural projects with PopUp Art Colombia. He's performed as an actor and dancer at Pontifical Xaverian University (Mamma Mia!, The Addams Family, Ensayos para Aprender a Volar, Ritmo 365, Fame!), Casa Común (Clara & Fritz: Una Navidad Mágica), Gente Anónima (*Inserte Título Amoroso*), and Somos Cast (Spring Awakening). He worked as a dramaturg for the first time for the play Acalantos del Magdalena for Casa Común in 2021, and Transformation Theater’s Breakfast with Gandhi in 2022.

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