About Madame Quixota’s Last Words

Hollywood movie star ALONSA, whose artistic name is “ELLA,” is trying to clean her image after a Twitter scandal implicating Johnny Depp by mistake. She is rehearsing a big-time musical Broadway production of “Romeo and Juliet” in “Woke version.” Greedy sponsors and producers are forcing actors to follow ridiculous, even unsafe stage directions. This play starts right after ELLA fell off Juliet’s balcony into a secret corridor which magically connects to a small, off-off-off Broadway theater where every past memory becomes true. ELLA meets SANCHA PANZA, aka SALLY, a struggling actor working as a janitor. 

Getting out of that place becomes ELLA’s adventure as MADAME QUIXOTA, accompanied by SANCHA PANZA. She needs to travel into her memories and stories with the love of her life, her saving knight DARYL (the equivalent of the female “Dulcinea”).  DARYL disappointed her when they were lovers, before she became a movie star. She now needs his imaginary presence to remember who she was and why it is important for her to always tell the truth.

Transformation Theatre, Inc.

Transformation Theatre (TT) provides a collaboration venue with ‘up-and-coming’ and established theatre artists to focus on socially relevant original, unpublished plays and adaptations celebrating underrepresented groups.  TT typically promotes the works of playwrights in the DC/MD/VA region, however, playwrights throughout the country, as well as those outside the US may submit work for consideration. Through the live productions of these playwrights’ work, TT strives to enhance and stimulate an understanding of ourselves and others.