Almost, Maine Cast

Jake Keller (Pete)
Jake Keller (Pete) is a senior at Bloomington High School South. He has performed in various musical productions with Sounds of South, Stages Bloomington, Theatre South, and Cardinal Stage Company. Most recently, he performed as Will Parker in Oklahoma! and as Luke and Ares in The Lightning Thief: A Percy Jackson Musical. In addition to theater, Jake is a varsity member on the cross country and track teams at Bloomington South. He is also the President of BHSS Dance Marathon and a co-founder of the Community Outreach Association. Jake wants to thank his friends and family for always supporting him no matter what he chooses to pursue.
Emma Bengston (Ginette)
Emma Bengston (Ginette) Is a Freshman in BHSS. She is amazed that she has gotten a part in this production. Growing up Emma has participated in many different productions such as, Matilda, Charlie In The Chocolate Factory, and Astrocats the musical. She has plenty of experience in theater and can’t wait to show you her talents. She thinks of her cast mates as family and she is a very loving person. Please enjoy the show!
Aspen Furr (East/Chad)
Aspen Furr (East/Chad) is a Junior at South and is performing Almost, Maine as their first show with Theater South. They have been in other productions such as Matilda with Stages and Oklahoma with Sounds of South. After a short break due to COVID and mental health, they are excited to return to the stage.
Madden Smith (Glory)
Madden Fae Smith (Glory) a freshman at bloomington south is thrilled to be involved in this production of Almost, Maine. This being their first legit play, they can’t wait to be a part of more theater south productions. They would like to thank everyone back in California cheering them on from a distance.
Logan Addleman (Jimmy/Phil)
Logan Addleman (Jimmy/Phill) is very excited to be playing two characters in almost maine. This is a great opportunity for him, as it gives Logan the ability to fully express his acting range. Other recent roles of his include Kurt Cobain in percy jackson and the lightning thief, and headphone guy in velvet ropes. Sadly he wasn’t able to explode on stage as a headphone guy due to a broken ankle, but if you're reading this, it hopefully means that didn’t happen again.
Elly Axsom (Sandrine)
Elly Axsom (Sandrine) is a junior at Bloomington High School South. She is 17 years old and has been performing since she was 6. She's most recently played Sally Jackson in The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical and Agnes in She Kills Monsters. She has performed in various Stages Bloomington productions and hopes to continue her career in performing as she grows up. Elly competes in the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Scholarship Organization where she has won the title of Miss Hoosier Hills 2022. She uses her platform to talk about the importance of the arts and how they help us express ourselves. Elly would like to thank her family for the continuous support!
Rylan Kleptz (Waitress)
Rylan Kleptz (Waitress) is a junior at BHSS and is looking forward to her first cast role in a Theatre South production! She loves working backstage, but is excited to work on her acting with such a talented group of people. She plans to continue to work with Theatre South for the rest of her high school career and hopes that her love for theatre carries over throughout college as well!
Tiana Hicks (Marvalyn)
Tiana Hicks (Marvalyn) is excited to be back on stage for her third show. She is a junior at Bloomington High School South. Her favorite part about acting is being able to get your adrenaline pumped up and being able to escape. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Sebastian Higgins (Steve)
Sebastian Higgins (Steve) has done improv, performed in Velvet Ropes, studied filmmaking, practiced guitar, and can do a Ben Shaprio impression. Fish fear him, women want him.
Zoe Gray (Gayle)
Zoe Gray (Gayle) is currently a Sophomore at Bloomington South. She has participated in two Theater South shows, Velvet Ropes and Almost, Maine. She has been a part of numerous shows around town, at school and at Stages Bloomington. She is very excited for everyone to see Almost, Maine as it tells a beautiful story of love in many forms. She hopes everyone enjoys the show just as much as she does (and maybe falls in love)! Enjoy!!
Noah Kerr (Lendall/Man)
Noah Kerr (Lendall/Man) is a senior at Bloomington High School South. Over the past four years, he has participated in two musicals, the first being in the ensemble of Beauty and the Beast with Sounds of South. The second and most recent show was with Theater South (and co-produced with Stages), and he was cast as Chiron/Mr Brunner in The Lightning Thief: A Percy Jackson Musical. Theater has allowed Noah to express himself in ways he didn’t think were possible, and he’d like to thank his friends and family for always supporting him along the way.
Orion Barbosa-Hayes (Randy)
Orion Barbosa-Hayes (Randy) is a freshman at Bloomington South. He’s been in choir, as well as multiple school musicals, such as Madagascar, The Aristocats, and Field Days. He enjoys playing guitar and ukulele, singing, and writing. He would like to thank his mom and friends for supporting him through all his endeavors, including receiving voice memos of awful ukulele playing at all hours of the night.
Lily Mikolaitis (Deena)
Lily (Deena), born in Bloomington, is a freshman at Bloomington High School South. She’s very enthused about being about of Theatre South, and would like to thank her parents, and good friend Neva Livingston for encouraging her to join.
Delaney Kamstra (Shelly)
Delaney Kamstra (Shelly) is excited to be in their third Theatre South Production! She has been in two Theatre South Productions before and is happy to be in Almost, Maine. She is a junior at Bloomington High School South and enjoys hanging out with friends.
Lilah Streiff (Marci)
Lilah Streiff (Marci) is a senior at BHSS. This is her first theatrical production since middle school and she is so excited to be in the show. In her free time she loves to paint, draw, and sing. She'd like to thank her friends and family for the support she's received working to make this show happen.
Helen Schomacker (Hope/Dave)
Helen (Hope/Dave), now in their junior year, is so excited to get back on stage for their fourth show with Theatre South. You might've also seen them as Percy Jackson in The Lightning Thief with Theatre South and Stages Bloomington or as Vera in She Kills Monsters with Stages Bloomington. Outside of theatre, they can be found drawing or loudly singing show tunes in the shower. They'd like to thank their talented cast and supportive family for helping bring the stories of Almost, Maine to life, and they hope you enjoy the show!
Cricket Shelton (Rhonda)
Cricket Shelton (Rhonda) is a freshman at BHSS and is so excited to be performing in her first Theatre South production! She started in theatre at age 3 as a “Spoon” in a production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and has performed in more than 20 shows. She wants to thank her family and friends for all of their love and support throughout this process.