The Haunting Of Hill House Creative

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Co-Director & Costumer
Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell holds a degree in theatre & anthropology from UTK. She is a TKD board member, where she serves as costumer, actor, & director. Her most recent directing credits are Death of a Salesman/Jan. 2020 & Waiting For Godot/Apr. 2021. Sarah would like to thank Dennis & the rest of the cast & crew for being amazing! Happy Halloween to our audiences. No one will come if you scream during a performance. Not at night. Not in the dark.
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Dennis Hart
After appearing in many shows at TKD, Dennis is very excited to be co-directing his first show, in one of his favorite story genres. He would like to say that it has been a joy every day of rehearsals to work with such a skilled and dedicated group of actors.
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Stage Manager
Bee Mayo
Performing arts have been a part of Bee’s life since she can remember. This is her first show in 10 years and she’s thrilled it's with TKD! Thank you to Sarah and Dennis for trusting me, and thank you to my parents and spouse for being forever supporting of me. She looks forward to being an active member and helping with future shows.