Sonic Priestess Concert Performers

Dayna Jean Wolter (Sonic Priestess)
Dayna Jean has been a performing and professional Creative for over 30+ years, as well as a student and practitioner of Chanty-Whoo-Ha for even longer.In 2011 she was blessed to complete her Sonic Healing training in Seattle WA with renown channel,healer, and acoustic science pioneer, Tom Kenyon.Aside from being a founding member of many performance groups of various genres over the decades, such as the wyld women's chorus The Idisi (2009-2013), Dayna Jean also teaches women to sword-fight as a healing modality through her company, Kamp Athena.She looks forward to sharing the joy of empowering humans to reclaim their Sovereignty through the Performing Arts. In 2019 Dayna Jean embarked upon opening a multi-flex Creative studio called The Sidhe Shed in East St Paul, MN with her business partner, Annie Zimbel.