Welcome to the sidhe shed events & classes

We are a woman-owned business and  collective of artisans. We are a part of and in support of our marginalized and LGTBQIA2S+ communities.. As small business owners, we saw a need for affordable and modular space to be available for ourselves, and our many intersected communities. 

Everything and everyone we collaborate with in this space is like-minded in their Creative businesses and practices. We are thrilled that we are a nexus point for Humans to come together, make art, find and support each other, and learn to dive deeper into themselves as creators and appreciators of the results.

We work hard to create Sacred Space in all things we share here. Be it sword classes, divination and healing arts events, musical /dance performances & rehearsals, creative arts classes, gallery showings, weddings, End -of -Life celebrations and more.... The Sidhe Shed is here to build community and show up...living as our Maverick Selves.