About Craftomancy

Each workshop will include instructions and recipes/formulas. Kits will be available for purchase, prices vary.


March 11th 2023-The Hand-Crafted Home workshop features naturally formulated cleaning products to cleanse your physical home and cleanse your home’s energy, including floor washes, room sprays, stove top simmers, all-purpose cleaning spray.


June 10th, 2023-The Hand-Crafted Kids workshop features magic crafts for the whole family. Pressed flowers, magical bubble wands, flower fairies, star jars and more!


August 12th, 2023-Hand-Crafted Gifts workshop focuses on creating batches of handmade gifts in jars and bottles to gift to your beloveds Oatmeal Cookie Mix, S’mores snack mix, Gingerbread Granola and other tasty surprises!


November 11th, 2023-Hand-Crafter Care workshop is all about self-care. Naturally formulated self-care products like lip scrubs, hair rinses, beard oils, hand salve, make up remover, body wash and more.

@The Sidhe Shed

713 Minnehaha Ave E Ste 320

East Saint Paul, MN 55106

in Everest LLC/Arts & Science Center

Plenty of free parking at our Hamm's brewery warehouse studios complex, you will need to call/text the phone number posted on door to gain access.

We appreciate you being vaxxed fully and mask wearing as needed.

Thank you


The Sidhe Shed

We are a woman-owned Pagan collective of artisans. We are a part of and in support of our marginalized and LGTBQIA2S+ communities.. As small business owners, we saw a need for affordable and modular space to be available for ourselves, and our many intersected communities. . 

Our vision is to have a space be transformable into class room , musical performance venue, pop-up art gallery show, artisan marketplace, martial arts/yoga/movement  class, theater rehearsal space, private special events, ceremonies, photography studio shoot, commercial and independent film shoot, ritual space, and more.

We look forward to creating with intention with you, and seeing what you wish to birth into the World, which very much needs your sparkle and passion to make it better. 

#creativeswillsavetheworld #artismagic #creativeintent

~ Til then, Annie Zimbel & Dayna Jean Wolter of The Sidhe Shed