Graham Cast

Lysander (Logan Austin)
Logan Austin is a twelfth grader at The Heights School. In the past he has participated in several Heights School theatrical productions including “Love’s Labour's Lost”, “My Neighborhood, and the infamous “Bug Play”. Logan’s interests are many and varied and so, for the sake of time and the modern movement, these interests will be described in a few words which might possibly relate in some vague non-specific manner. Pencil, butterknife, brown chair, penicillin.
Watson (Max Beatty)
Max started drama last year, playing Knowledge in Everyman. Now he is Watson.
Operator/Antony/Ensemble (Nate Connolly)
Nate is most likely in highschool. He played a Scrooge McDuck-inspired character last year and arbitrarily decided to do drama again this year. His interests include grass and the color beige. He is especially interested in beige grass.
Ritchie (Patrick Dunn)
Patrick Dunn is in tenth grade and was in the productions: A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Door in the Woods, and The Second Shepherd’s Play. In addition to being in these plays at The Heights, Patrick is also pretty good at skiing.
Landlord/Young Watson (Teddy Iandoli)
Teddy Iandoli is a freshman in his second play of his Heights career, first appearing as Good Deeds in last spring's production of Everyman. As well as acting, Teddy is on the debate team and runs cross country.
Graham (Michael Kish)
Michael Kish is a senior currently attending the Heights School. He has been at the Heights since the 7th Grade, and has participated in drama in one form or another every year. Michael played the Vagrant in the Insect Play, and he did some other plays. He wants to be a writer, and has written three plays, including last year's senior project, Springtime in Verdun, and the 2022 Spring play, Meprise. In his free time, Michael writes every day, and is the Vice President of the Student Council. There is little actual proof of Michael's existence, but if he does exist, we know he likes long walks on the beach and piña coladas.
Hubbard (George Mehan)
George Mehan is a sophomore at the Heights. He enjoys countless activities such as acting and playing sports like baseball, basketball, and spikeball. He has been a long time member of embers theatre company and acted as Sir Allister Frogwallis and The Trumpeter in Something Extraordinary this summer. He also acted as the headmaster in Mickey's Dragon at the Heights, but we all decided Mr. DeVicente should keep his job.
Young Graham (James Murphy)
This year is James' second year in the Heights drama program. Last year he participated in the online "play" that was Loves Labors Lost, as well as one of the spring plays, the Second Shepherds play. James is also a fan of rugby, rock climbing, surfing, particularly funny animals and unfortunately, the New York Giants. There is also speculation as to whether or not he is a chinchilla.
Young Watson/Landlord (Braden Nicholson)
Braden is a freshman at The Heights and has been acting since he was seven years old. He loves to act and make movies. He enjoys doing so with the Film Club.
Antony/Operator (Luke Nowak)
Luke has loved the stage from his earliest years and has had many opportunities to don the persona of another. Favorite roles include Henry V and Hamlet. Luke also enjoys the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons and will gladly run a campaign for interested parties! Graham is his first production at the Heights.
Hubbard/Young Lysander (Daniel Rueda-Ramirez)
Daniel Rueda-Ramirez is currently rocking his junior year. This will be his third show as an Omnibus Player. He has previously played the roles of “Juror 5” in Twelve Angry Men, and “Measure” in Magnificence, and Fra Francesco in The Surprise by G.K. Chesterton, the latter play which was performed at St. Patrick Catholic Church this past summer. When he is not busy with schoolwork, he can be found reading, biking, or jamming on his piano.
Jefferson Williamson Benedict Cortez (Jack Walters)
Jack Walters is a freshman at The Heights. He performed last year during the Medieval Theater Festival in the Second Shepherd's play. Though last year's performance was his first he looks forward to getting more involved in Heights drama during high school. He is also interested in boating, skiing and military history.