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Playwright, Dramaturg
Joaquin Bucheli
Joaquin Bucheli is a senior at The Heights School. This will be his 8th production, but his first production as a playwright. He has played the characters of Mr. McAfee (Bye Bye Birdie) and the 10th juror. His hobbies include boxing, competitive salsa dancing (he is nationally ranked), staring at walls and watching grass grow. He was also born in the shadows.
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Stage Manager
Jackson McDonnell
Jackson McDonnell is an 8th grader at the Heights. In elementary school he did a Shakespearean festival every year, so he has been doing theater since kindergarten. He was in the Heights production last spring making this his second theater production at the heights. He lives with his family in Falls Church. His two sisters go to Oakcrest and are involved in the theatrical production there.
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Assistant Director
John Paul Abela
John Paul is a senior at The Heights and is excited to take on his first leadership role in a production. He has participated in a number of Heights plays before this, including what some call the greatest show in Heights history: The Insect Play. He has a wide variety of hobbies varying from adrenaline-inducing sports (the dangerouser the funner) to eating ice cream while contemplating the eventual decay of all material beings. He hopes to finish his final year at The Heights well but also welcomes daily attacks of senioritis.
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Lighting Director
Dennis Callahan
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Assistant Stage Manager
Nathaniel Barish
No introduction needed.
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Joseph Bissex
Mr. Bissex has worked in high school, college, and community theater for 20 years at a dozen organizations, and has never witnessed such an outpouring of enthusiastic originality as is coming from our Heights students this year. Kudos to Joaquin and to the whole cast and crew!
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Set Design
Andrew Acevedo
A native of Bogotá, Colombia, Andrew earned his B.S. in Physical Science from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1979, then served at sea as a weapons and operations specialist on ships of the U.S. Naval Fleet, and served at the Bureau of Naval Personnel as a special assistant for reserve officer promotions. Andrew retired from the US Navy after more than twenty years of service and relocated to the Washington, D.C. area. Andrew began teaching at The Heights in 2006. Andrew teaches all levels of The Heights Spanish curriculum. His hobbies include reading, travel, automobile restoration and home remodeling. He lives in Chevy Chase.
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Original Artwork and Photography
Mark Hieronymous
Mark is a native of New England. He attended the Trivium School in MA for high school and later earned a B.A. from the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts with a concentration in philosophy. He spent a semester studying art and architecture in Rome, Italy. He taught various subjects to various grades in private and parochial schools for eight years before joining us at the Heights in 2017. Mark teaches middle school latin, art, writing, and photography and graphic design. He is also the school archivist and the policy debate team coach. He and his wife Alexandra live in Maryland with their daughters, Philomena, Sophia, Ella, and Leo.
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Simon Vitz

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