Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Cast

Evan Wang (Caractacus Potts)
Evan is a classically trained pianist, violinist, and singer with a love for musical theatre. He is thrilled to bring the eccentric inventor Caractacus Potts to life in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and he is also excited to serve in the role of music director for the first time. He was previously a piano accompanist for The Cat's first show, You Never Know, as well as Lurch in The Addams Family. Evan works as a data engineer for a data analytics consulting firm called Nousot, and he lives with his wife Meghan and dog Bailey in downtown Indianapolis. He would like to thank his fellow cast members, directors, and crew for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for putting their heart and soul into the show, as well as friends and family for their continued support.
Brook-Glen Gober (Truly Scrumptious )
Brook-Glen is ready to be back on stage at The Cat! You may have seen her first show on their stage as Luisa in The Fantasticks in 2022! She has been in over 50 productions throughout her life and loves theatre with all her heart. Other things that bring her joy are mothering her 2 children, Treydan and Clover-Rose, her fiancé Mateo and most dear to her, her grandmother Pat Dorwin who is also her personal costumer!!! She hopes you all enjoy the show and feel the rush of nostalgia that Chitty brings to her. Special thanks to Willie for believing in her and welcoming her with open arms!
Duane Leatherman  (Grandpa Potts)
DUANE LEATHERMAN (Grandpa Potts) Duane has been involved in Community Theater for over 60 years, both acting and directing in over 100 shows. Over the years, he has been fortunate enough to play many memorable characters, including one of his favorite characters and American heroes, Benjamin Franklin in “1776: The Musical” twice. At The Cat, he played another of his favorite roles, FDR, in both “Annie” and “Annie Warbucks”, and recently played Henry, The Old Actor, in “The Fantasticks” for CCP. He has received numerous Indianapolis Encore Award nominations over the years and has been the recipient of three. Thank you to everyone, old friends and new, involved in this newest project at The Cat. Also, a “Big Thank You” to Willie Wood for his contributions to the Carmel and Indianapolis area theatre communities, and his vision for The Cat and to his staff for helping him achieve it. Duane is in his 41st year of teaching mathematics and computer science at Butler University. Go Dawgs!!
Hannah Janowicz (Childcatcher)
Hannah is ecstatic to take part in her first production with the CAT. She has worked with theatre companies all over Indiana, as a performer, costumer, makeup artist/designer, and props artisan. She most recently starred in Shy the Musical at the 2023 IndyFringe Festival, and designed makeup for Shrek the Musical at The Attic Theatre. Other performing credits include The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 (Nikki Crandall), The Fantasticks (The Mute), Fiddler on the Roof (Fruma Sarah), A Midsummer Night's Dream (Puck). Hannah currently serves as the Artistic Director with Carmel Community Players, works in Recruiting & HR at USIC, does SFX Makeup for Nightmare on Edgewood, and plays with Breakfast Anytime! Improv & Sketch Comedy. She sends a big hug and kiss to the Hannah Janowicz Fan Club and Peter Spellos. She hopes she doesn't scare you [too much] with this role!"
Leo Achard (Jeremy Potts)
Leo is so excited to be playing Jeremy. He was Teddy the orphan in Annie the musical excerpt. He loves playing piano; dancing tap, ballet, and modern at The Ballet Studio of Carmel; playing board games and video games; swimming; and riding his bike. He wants to thank the CAT for giving him this opportunity.
Sebastian Barger (Jeremy Potts)
Sebastian is very excited to be playing the role of Jeremy! He has previously played the part of Branch in a children's recital of Trolls, and participated in a musical theater camp for kids over the summer. He enjoys reading, baseball, and music, and wants to be an actor when he grows up. His favorite books are the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series. He hopes you love our production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Enjoy the show!
Emmett Thibodeau (Jeremy Potts)
Emmett Thibodeau is so excited to be playing Jeremy! Emmett has been dancing at his mom's studio since he was 2 years old. He takes, ballet, modern, tap, and musical theater classes. Last year Emmett played Sam in "Annie Jr" and this summer he played "Thing #2" in Seussical during musical theater camp. Emmett would like the directors for this opportunity and his big sisters for helping him with his lines! Enjoy the show!
Eleanor Armie (Jemima Potts)
Nora is so excited to be one of the Jemimas! Nora is lucky to have theater run in the family and has grown up loving The Cat and theater. Her very first stage experience was as an Orphan in Annie with the Carmel Apprentice Theater in 2018 when she was only 5 years old! While she has continued performing with other theater companies, she is thrilled to be back on stage with Pop as her director and to be joined by her sister, Alice. When not on stage, Nora loves volleyball, choir, horseback riding, and loving on (picking on) her 4 siblings, Alice, Zelda, Judah, and Julian. She would like to thank Pop for this opportunity and to the rest of the cast for helping her learn and grow into Jemima. Toot sweet!
Kate Miller (Jemima Potts)
Kate is so excited to be playing Jemima! Previously, Kate played Mrs. Bucket (Willy Wonka) and Molly (Annie) in musical theatre excerpts with the Ballet Studio of Carmel. Kate also keeps on her toes with ballet, modern, and cheer. In her day job, you'll find her in a 5th grade classroom at Prairie Trace Elementary. Kate would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her in this first big role!
Vivienne Thibodeau (Jemima Potts)
Vivienne Thibodeau is so excited to be playing Jemima! Vivienne has been dancing for almost 10 years. She takes ballet, pointe, contemporary, modern, and musical theater at her mom's studio, The Ballet Studio of Carmel. She also assists with younger classes. Vivienne has performed in many theater productions in the area. Two of her favorite roles were "Mrs. Scary" in Junie B Jones The Musical, and "Snow Chorus" in Frozen Jr. Vivienne would like to thank the directors for this opportunity and her music and dance teachers for teaching her so much. Enjoy the show!
Leroy Delph (Baron Bomburst)
Leroy is pleased to be included in this cast as Baron Bomburst. He has been an entertainer his entire life as a singer/musician, actor, and even everyone's favorite man in red. Some of his favorite roles have been Horace Vandergelder - The Matchmaker at Buck Creek, J B Biggley - How To Succeed In Business at The Belfry, Grandpa Joe - Willie Wanka at Muncie Civic, and Dr Vonsoschi - Radium Girls at Anderson's Mainstage.
John Janizek (Baron Bomburst)
John is stoked to be playing Baron Bomburst. He has no theater or musical experience whatsoever, so he is kind of a wildcard. We hope he can sing and act well, or that he will at least be able to remember his lines. John enjoys playing sports with his friends and hiking and exploring locally.
Brittany Achard (Baroness Bomburst)
Brittany feels lucky to be sharing the role of the Baroness with 2 other talented women and feels excited to be in the Dance Corps for the other performances. Her most recent performance was as one of Jacob’s wives in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat in college at Rose-Hulman. In high school she was one of Cinderella’s stepsisters. In her free time you can find her walking around one of Carmel’s amazing parks, at the library, or at The Ballet Studio of Carmel. She wants to thank Ms. Ashley for teaching her everything she knows about dance! She’s so grateful that her kids Leo and Margot can be in this show with her and wants to thank her husband Chris for his support!
Maureen Akins (Baroness Bomburst)
Maureen is tickled pink to be playing the part of Baroness Bomburst and Dance Corps. She studied at the National Ballet School of Canada, is certified by the British Association of Teachers of Dancers, and is proficient in Ballet, Tap, Irish, Scottish Highland, and Ballroom Dance. Her recent shows include You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Gilligan's Island, The Musical, Annie, and The Little Mermaid. She won the 2018 Best Choreography Encore Award for Ragtime, The Musical. Her favorite works include portraying Kay Ridgeway in Murder on the Nile and directing The Addams Family Musical. Please enjoy the show!
Claire Donnelly (Baroness Bomburst)
Claire is thrilled to be playing the Baroness and dancing in the dance corps in her first show at the Cat! As an avid thespian and musician, she has enjoyed performing both onstage and off. Her previous roles include productions at the University of Iowa ("Jarred"; "The Intersection Between Organized Crime and Happy Couples") and Fishers High School ("Catch Me if You Can"; "Hairspray"). When not directly onstage, you can also find her playing bassoon in pit orchestras ("Beauty and the Beast"; "Pirates of Penzance"). She would like to thank her husband, Gabe, for reminding her that you can still have hobbies as an adult, as well as her family and friends for all of their love and support.
Allison Hermann (Toymaker, Adult Chorus)
Allison is excited to be playing the Toymaker! She has been in several shows at the Cat including Almost Maine, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, and Little Mermaid. When not on stage, Allison teaches first grade and enjoys singing in the church choir. She would like to thank her friends and family for always supporting her. Enjoy the show!
Elaine Endris (Boris)
Elaine graduated from Ball State University in 2021 with a degree in film production, graphic design, and screenwriting. Now, she attends school at the Aveda-Fredric’s Institute in Indianapolis for her cosmetology license in makeup artistry. Outside of school, she is a pastel-loving, roller blading dog person, and enjoys singing in a semi-professional choir. This is her third production at The Cat and couldn’t be more excited or proud to perform on this stage. She would like to thank the staff, cast, and crew at The Cat for the chance to have such an amazing experience as always.
David Ralstin (Goran)
David is very excited to be a part of this show as Goran. He has played Sebastian in the CAT's 2021 production of "The Little Mermaid" and various other productions eons ago. In his spare time David loves spending time with his family, making music, and playing with all things tech.
Christopher Ellington (Coggins, Chef and Adult Chorus)
I am a newcomer to the theater and this is my first production. I am a retired IT professional and am looking forward to participating in this show!
Mac Williams (Junkman, Lord Scrumptious, and Adult Chorus)
Mac Williams is excited to be in CCBB playing the roles of Lord Scrumptious, the 'tall' Vulgarian Inventor and -- last but not least -- the scrappy Junkman! A long time ago (in a galaxy seemingly far away) he experienced musical stage roles in Oklahoma, Annie Get Your Gun, and The Music Man. Most of his subsequent experience has been as a pit orchestra trumpet player in productions ranging from Jesus Christ Superstar and Les Miserables to Mary Poppins and The Little Mermaid. He also plays his trumpet and sings some lead vocals with an Indianapolis jazz big band. With the rest of his spare time (LOL) he works as a self-employed architect and runs a 25-hive honeybee apiary from home in Noblesville.
Sandra Crook (Mrs. Phillips)
A newcomer to the live stage, this is my first performance. I love live theatre and have enjoyed many performances over the years. When encouraged to join the CCBB group, it brought a smile to my face and my wheels started turning. How could I say "no"? After spending the last 50+ years in the accounting field, I try to reinvent myself from time to time and this was a perfect opportunity. I enjoy my family time as well, which includes 5 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. I also love reading, listening to all types of music, watching football and open-wheel racing. I hope everyone enjoys Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.
Katrina Ralstin (Turkey Farmer and Adult Chorus)
Katrina is looking looking forward to performing in the chorus and for her first speaking role on stage as a turkey farmer. This is her second show with The Cat. When she’s not working or attending college classes, she enjoys reading, crafting and playing video games. She hopes everyone enjoys the production!
Lauren Milton  (Dance Core and Adult Chorus)
Lauren is excited to be back on stage for a play after a 20 year hiatus. Her past credits include playing Katherina in The Taming of the Shrew, Gandalf in The Hobbit, and Antonia in Don Quixote. Lauren has been dancing since the age of 4, was a founding member of the Create Freedom Arts Project, and has loved being part of The Ballet Studio of Carmel family since 2018. Lauren is the dance captain for the show and is excited to perform next to her daughter, Chloe. She wants to thank everyone for coming out to see the show and hopes that you have as much fun watching as she has acting and dancing in it.
Beth Dimmick (Dance Core and Adult Chorus)
Beth Dimmick is so excited being in the Dance Corps & Adult Chorus. She has danced since she was 4. Dancing has always been her passion. She would like to thank Will Wood for enthusiastically encouraging her to get back into performing.
Judi Edgerton (Adult Chorus)
"I am very excited to be part of the ensemble! This is my first time being part of a production. My personal time is spent attending concerts, going on roadtrips, camping and hiking. I would like to thank Katrina for introducing me to The Cat!! I hope you enjoy the show!"
Mark Gasper (Adult Chorus)
Mark is honored to share the stage with his dear daughter for the second time in two years here at the Cat. Mark loves to share musical and theatrical adventures with his daughter, helping her live a life of joy at or in a show. Mark thanks everyone who takes a moment to speak with his daughter after this show, or in the audience at other theaters, and encouraging her to talk. Performing in a show helps Mark's daughter to express herself in ways not possible elsewhere. Special thanks to Willie and Audrey for this opportunity, and everyone who embraces Mark's daughter for who she is.
Sarah Gasper (Adult Chorus)
Sarah is excited to fly along with Chitty and this wonderful cast. This is Sarah's second production at the CAT, beginning with The Addams Family last year. She thanks Willie, Audrey and everyone for including her in this show. Sarah has also performed in three productions with My Time To Shine: The Wizard of Oz, Shrek and Finding Nemo, Jr. Sarah has just recently completed six weeks of rehearsals and two weekends of performances in "The Addams Family" with Muncie Civic Theater, while also rehearsing for this production of Chitty at the CAT. Sarah loves music and musical theater. You will probably see her in the audience at rock concerts and theatrical musicals around Indy, across the state and throughout the Midwest. Sarah sends love and thanks to all her friends in her theater family, and to her own family including Eric, Amanda, Archer (Sarah's nephew), Scott and Emily.
Alice Armie (Vulgarian Kid & Children's Chorus)
Alice is thrilled to be a part of the Children’s Chorus and in a stage production at The Cat for the very first time! Alice, like her sister Nora (Jemima), has grown up around theater and The Cat, but now it’s finally her turn to be up on stage with The Carmel Apprentice Theater! Her first stage performance was in The Attic Theater’s Little Mermaid as a seagull, but she can’t wait to finally be directed by her Pop. Alice also loves soccer, choir, and playing with her 4 siblings – Nora, Zelda, Judah, and Julian. She would like to thank Pop, her sister Nora, and the rest of the Children’s Chorus for having so much fun with her.
Abigail Lund (Edison The Dog and Children's Chorus)
Abigail is a longtime dancer and is very excited to be participating in the chorus for her first musical production! She has been doing a variety of dance since she was 2 years old and now enjoys musical theater, ballet, jazz, tap, and modern. She also loves her two brothers, animals, specifically her dog, Bob, art, reading, and writing. She'd like to thank her parents and Ms. Ashley for this opportunity! Hope you love the show!
Chloe Milton  (Vulgarian Kid & Children's Chorus)
Chloe is age 7 and excited to be in her first full-length musical! She has previously performed with The Ballet Studio of Carmel's musical theater group in selections from 'Annie' and has taken ballet with Ms. Ashley since age 2. Chloe wants to say thanks for being here and she hopes you enjoy the show!
Lyla Jeffers (Vulgarian Kid & Children's Chorus)
Lyla is a seven year old who loves to dance, create art, and use her imagination everywhere she goes! She is a creator of magic and wows her family every day. CCBB is Lyla’s first theater performance but her family is certain it won’t be her last!
Margot Achard (Vulgarian Kid & Children's Chorus)
Margot is so excited to be playing a Vulgarian kid and to be in the children’s chorus. She was Barbara the orphan in Annie the musical excerpt. She loves dancing at The Ballet Studio of Carmel, drawing, crafts, and playing with her big brother Leo. She wants to thank the CAT for giving her this opportunity.
Marley Ohmer (Vulgarian Kid & Children's Chorus)
Marley is so excited for her first full length musical theatre performance in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. She has been a ballet student at The Ballet Studio of Carmel for five years and discovered her love of musical theatre in 2022. Marley has had small roles in selections from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Annie. When not captivating audiences, Marley enjoys quality time with friends, cuddling her beloved puppies, and diving into intriguing science experiments.
Sydney Hays (Vulgarian Kid & Children's Chorus)
Sydney Hays is so excited to be playing Toby a vulgarian kid (?).. Sydney is no stranger to the stage. She has been in dance since she was 2 years old. Whether it’s ballet, modern, or simply putting on living room performances for her family, being in the spotlight is her passion. When Syd isn’t practicing with The Ballet Studio of Carmel, she’s spending time with her Girl Scout troop, reading, coloring or spending time with friends. Syd is so excited to take her advocation to the next level with this performance in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Izzy Mercik (Inventor & Children's Chorus)
Izzy is a 5th grader in Westfield & she is very excited to be apart of CCBB! This is her 6th musical & she loves being on stage. The Cat is her favorite theater. Enjoy the show!
Ellie Long (Inventor & Children's Chorus)
Ellie Long (Inventor, Children's Chorus) is delighted to be in her first production with The Cat. Ellie is in 5th grade at The Orchard School in Indianapolis. Ellie has previously played as Matilda/Ensemble in Willy Wonka Jr. (The Belfry), Glinda in Wizard of Oz (The Orchard School), Young Anna in Frozen Jr. (The Belfry), Ensemble in Once Upon a Mattress (Stone Soup), and more. Ellie is thankful to her parents for their support, to the directors for this wonderful opportunity, and to her fellow cast members for their hard work and support. Enjoy the show!
Vivian Griffiths  (Inventor & Children's Chorus)
Vivian is very excited to be playing the role of Inventor and Childrens Choir. Vivian has been in shows like Little Mermaid and The Lion King. She loves playing volleyball. She'd like to thank her Mom, Dad, Great Grandparents and Grandparents for helping her along the way. I hope you enjoy our production of Chitty Citty Bang Bang.
Mira Gautam (Inventor & Children's Chorus)
I am so excited to be playing Inventor & Children's Chorus. I love singing and musical theater I have previously performed solos at YIT. I have also played the lead role of Annie in Annie at Ballet Studio of Carmel, Isebella in Encanto at YIT, Hyena in Lion King Jr at Carmel High School and Ensemble in Little Mermaid Jr at Carmel High School. I would like to thank my parents, my siter, my amazing friends, cast members and of course my awesome teachers! Hope you enjoy the production today!
Carolyn Noneman (Inventor & Children's Chorus)
Carolyn Noneman is so excited to be making her acting debut as an inventor. Carolyn enjoys singing and playing piano and viola, acting, playing volleyball and tennis, participating her church youth group, and working as a Youth Volunteer at Conner Prairie. Carolyn would like to thank her parents, her vocal Melina, and all the cast and crew in the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang production. She hopes you enjoy the show!
August Thibodeau (Sid)
August Thibodeau is excited to be playing Syd. This is August's first theater performance, but he has performed in The Ballet Studio of Carmel's Showcase, where he takes Tap. August enjoys swim team and taking care of his many pets. August would like to thank his mom and dad for being cool. Enjoy the show!
Amelie Thibodeau (Violet, Dance Core, Children's Chorus, Inventor)
This is Amelie’s second show with the Cat Theater. Amelie has performed in several productions with CYT and The Point Theater. Amelie’s most recent show was Almost Maine. She also enjoys teaching and taking dance at The Ballet Studio of Carmel.