It's A Wonderful Life Cast

Joe Kandra (Young George & George Bailey)
The main character who must be shown all the good he has done for Bedford Falls.
Heather Pruiksma (Mary Hatch Bailey)
George's wife.
Linda Valentine (Mrs. Bailey & Mrs. Thompson)
George's mother, & a woman from town.
John P. Lynch (Joseph & Nick)
Clarence's boss, an arch angel. And Nick, a bar tender.
Matt Foster (Clarence)
The angel who is assigned to help George, and shows George the value of his life.
Bob Amici (William Keighley)
Program announcer.
Andrew DeSisto (Mr. Gower & Pop Bailey)
Pharmacist & George's father.
Andrew DeSisto (Bert & Uncle Bily)
A policeman & George's uncle who works at the Building & Loan.
Andrew DeSisto (Sam & Martini)
Sam is Mary's other suitor & Martini is the bar owner.
Aydan Bahe (Harry Bailey)
George's brother
Aydan Bahe (Tom, Mr. Potter)
Friend; Potter is the town's most greedy person
Shawn Cannon (Eunice; Dr. Campbell; Ernie; Janie; Cousin Tilly; Rachel)
bank teller, Pop Bailey's doctor, cab driver, one of the Bailey children; a cousin; Sam's wife.
Kiki Bean (Pete, Zuzu, sound effects)