About It's A Wonderful Life


Please join our RADIO STUDIO AUDIENCE as we take a step back in time to recreate this classic movie as a 1940's radio show - complete with actors, singers, announcer, sponsors and sound effects.

George Bailey is a model citizen of Bedford Falls, always helping other people.  George's dream of traveling the world is suspended when he gives his travel money to his brother for college tuition, and George stays home to help run the family business - the Bailey Brother's Building & Loan.  George's father suddenly dies, leaving George no choice but to take over as head of the business to help Uncle Billy.  

Life goes on and George marries Mary Hatch.  But as they get ready to leave on their honeymoon, there's a run on the bank and George must use his honeymoon money to save the old Building & Loan.

Mr. Potter, a man with selfish dreams of owning the entire town, wants to ruin George's business which is Potter's only competition.  Potter sees a way to accomplish his ends when Uncle Billy accidentally folds an $8,000 bank deposit into Potter's newspaper.  Mr. Potter hides the money (and the truth), and reports George to the police and the bank examiner.  It's Christmas, and what's George to do?  Where can he come up with $8,000? Distraught, George contemplates suicide for the insurance money as his only way out.  

An angel, Clarence, is given the opportunity to earn his wings by helping George.  So while George is at the bridge getting ready to jump, Clarence jumps in first! Now George jumps in to save Clarence.  Clarence tells George he knows about his troubles, then proceeds to show George what life would be like in his town if he had never been born. 

Please come see this heartwarming story that has been pleasing audiences since 1943, and never grows old.  You won't be disappointed.

The Cannon Theatre

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