About Mystery at Upton House

The show:

Welcome to Upton House, where the esteemed Lady Headly Steadly-Proud, Countess of Crawley, is hosting a gathering to raise money for the orphans of the War. As the Battle of Britain rages above London, Upton House provides a country respite away from the nightly bombings. Mystery abounds after the events of the night turn sinister. Was it Rowley the Butler, Mrs. Baxter the Maid, Edgar the disowned son, Maggie the mysterious woman, or Chief Superintendent Kitchen?  We'll all find out in the Act 4!

The dinner is catered by Kunnari's and features three entrees for you to select from, all deliciously prepared food to the high quality standards held by this locally-owned restaurant.  Select the date, your seats and your dinner choices from Panko and herb coated chicken with shrimp , Beef Tenderloin with shrimp (gluten-free), or a Vegetarian Grilled Mushroom option as you purchase your tickets.

Stages of the Range Players

Established in 2022, Stages of the Range Players is a theatrical company that travels, bringing performances to stages across the Iron Range, bringing performances to you!

Although the company is new, it is under the direction of folks who have a long history of producing and presenting live performance.

Pete Pellinen, Stages of the Range Players President, has 22 years experience as director of Small Parts Players Regional Theater Company which brought theater education and performance to young Iron Rangers from 2nd through 12th grade.  Pete founded Small Parts Players in 2000 thanks to a Blandin Foundation Fellowship and investment.  He also has 22 years experience as the major force behind the Iron Range Regional Repertory Players and Northern Stage Works community theater company.   Pete studied Vocal Music Performance at Bemidji State University and Opera Performance at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.  He has performed with the Northern Lights Music Festival, San Antonio Opera, Des Moines Metro Opera, Minnesota Opera and Gilbert and Sullivan Very Light Opera, companies, among others.  Pete was instrumental in the development of the Laurentian Arts and Culture Alliance which saved the 1912 historic Lyric Opera House in Virginia, Minnesota's Historic Commercial District.  He looks forward to finding ways that all Iron Range community members interested in theatrical production can participate and have fun enjoying being part of live theater.

Stages of the Range Vice Chair/Treasurer, Mary McReynolds is former Executive Director of the Lyric Center for the Arts and lived a lifetime as an arts advocate and has more than 20 years experience coordinating artistic presentations and productions.  She was awarded the Maddie Simons Arts Advocate Award by the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council in 2017, coordinated the Creative Communities Focus Group as part of the IRRRB's Recharge the Range initiative, inspired the development of Revive Virginia during her tenure as a City Councilor in Virginia, has been instrumental in multiple initiatives demonstrating arts as a vital part of economic development and sustainability, and is a past appointee to the Minnesota State Arts Board.  She is also a weaver, painter, poet and playwright and current member of the Board of the Directors of Sod House Theater, and Arrowhead Changemaker advocating for housing for modern elders.

The group's actors, directors and stage crew are a mix of first-time participants, and seasoned theater folks.  It's a happy, supportive group and a great place to try out being part of a theater collaborative.