Alice in Wonderland Cast

Kaylee Wootan (Alice)
Acting for Kaylee Wootan is a delight and, at only 15 years old, already has an impressive resume. Alice in Wonderland is her second theater production with Spotlight Theater and her fourth theater production so far. In addition to the plays, she has been in five movies, with four of them just this last year. Keep a look out for her in future film productions!
Maureen Hammer (Narrator)
This is Maureen's second appearance at Spotlight Community Theatre. Other notable work includes playing Vicki/Brooke in "Noises Off," Tansy in "The Nerd," Catherine in "The Foreigner," and Ensemble in "Fiddler On the Roof." She joins her son, Colby (The Gryphon) for the first time on stage with this production of "Alice the Musical." Look no further than her kitchen and find Maureen dancing while cooking or banking and when she is not performing in her kitchen or on the stage she works at a non-profit in Communications and Grant Writing. She loves quality time with her family and playing with the dogs, goats, and chickens on their hobby farm. Thanks to her husband who shares and supports her passion in the performing arts. They have been on stage together, ballroom dance, and enjoy listening to music together.
Elijah Pedersen (The King)
You may have recently seen Elijah on our stage in the role of Jack in The Importance of Being Earnest. Otherwise, he has made his appearance on a few other stages and even in front of the big screen. When Elijah isn't acting he attends Homeschool at his church and enjoys playing games of all types. Elijah can sing very well and likes to manipulate his voice to create interesting, unique sounds and voices.
Lucy Garcia (Queen of Hearts)
Lucy's extensive theatre resume' include roles like Rose in Women at Dead Oaks, Evil Tina in She Kills Monsters, Cynthia in Baby With the Bathwater and most recently Abba The Witches Apprentice in Wizard of Oz the Musical here at Spotlight. Majoring in Theatre and Early Childhood Education at Western Oregon University, Lucy hopes to someday become a preschool or kindergarten teacher. Lucy is having fun once again sharing the stage with her little sister Mena and cousin Camilla.
Micah Davis (White Rabbit)
Micah enjoyed playing Mark Antony in Julius Caesar over the summer at Spotlight Community Theatre's summer camp! He has a very big imagination and it shows while he's bringing his character to life on the stage! He enjoys playing video games and making youtube videos outside of going to school.
Ashtin Matson (Cheshire Cat)
Ashtin is a senior in high school. She loves art and singing, and was a choir girl for the longest time! She is passionate about voice acting and is happy to be here - and we are happy to have her!
Emma Abell (Mad Hatter)
Sixteen-year-old Emma is excited to be a part of her first Spotlight production. However, she has performed in eight other theatre productions elsewhere and loved every one of them. She is so excited to be on the stage again, but when she is not, she loves sewing, working in engines, gaming, and gardening.
Evie Clark (March Hare/Edith (Alice's sister))
Evie has been in a play at Spotlight and also at Corban. She has also done many skits in talent shows! She loves art, creative writing, doing death-defying stunts with her friends, and making videos with her friends! One interesting fact about her is that she is deathly afraid of whales!
Violet Grow (Dormouse/Lorina (Alice's Sister))
Violet has been acting for about a year now and enjoys it. She acted in Frozen Jr as Middle Elsa alongside her older brother, Jaxon, who portrayed the role of Olaf. In her free time, Violet loves to sing, play board games, and dance. She also enjoys art and writing scripts and stories.
Ella Loving (Mouse)
Ella doesn't have any theatre experience, but she is already proving to be a pro in Alice the Musical. Outside of school she likes to play video games!
Porter Barnard (Frog Footman)
Recently Porter had a blast scaring Stayton as a creepy doll in our Haunted Theatre Fund Raiser. Before that, he made his stage debut in Spotlight's production of Sleeping Beauty where once again he shared the stage with his big brother Sawyer. In this young man's free time, he participates in the swim team. He also enjoys fort building, telling jokes, riding ATVs, and skiing. Interesting fact: last year helped his family build a yurt.
Elyse Bumgarner (Dodo Bird)
Elyse is a creative young actress who loves to draw, crochet, sing, and play video games when she isn't rehearsing or homeschooling. Funny fact, this isn't the first time she was cast as a bird. We are proud to have her on our stage.
Isabella Armstrong (Lory (Parrot))
Isabella has performed in two prior productions at Rising Star Studios. She loves cats and outside of school enjoys dancing, camping, and reading. Isabella is a happy loving girl and we are happy to have her here!
Hannah Morrow (Caterpillar)
Hannah most recently played the role of the Town Crier in Spotlight's production of Sleeping Beauty. Hannah is a 6th grader at Sublimity Middle School. She loves cats and Dragons. Hannah enjoys working on production stage sets! She would like to become an author or editor and has already written several chapters of Star Wars Fan Fiction. An interesting fact about Hannah is she loves scenes of mass destruction in movies and reads novels intended for those twice her age!
Colby Hammer (Gryphon)
This is Colby's debut performance in a play. However, his involvement in his school's talent shows and theatre sketches makes him no stranger to the stage. Outside of the stage, Colby likes playing baseball, soccer, scooter and skateboarding. Pssssst! He also likes gaming with his friends.
Abigail Sangster (Duchess)
Abi is a returning actor to Spotlight Theatre, performing in Sarah Plain and Tall as well as Sleeping Beauty! Abi does online school, likes to draw, cook and write books! She's currently getting into cosplay!
Cadance (Cady) Pedersen (Cook)
Just coming off her role as Cecily in The Importance Of Being Earnest, Cady like to spend her time skateboarding, drawing and writing. She is homeschool and she loves to serve in her church. Funny fact...Cady can do different accents!
Elliott Lee (Tweedledee)
Elliott has been in a few productions at Spotlight Theatre. He has also performed at Corbin University and Cascade schools. Elliott is a 5th grader at Aumsville Elementary, he plays the ukulele, and loves Minecraft. He is also very crafty and makes jewelry for the people he loves most! Elliott is a junior recess coach for his school. He loves to play tricks on his family and adores his best friends! Elliott loves making others happy - it is his true gift!
Sawyer Barnard ( Tweedledum)
On top of several theatre camps, Sawyer has made Spotlight his theatre home. He began acting with us at age 5 with our production of Cheaper By the Dozen. Other fun shows he has performed are Peril On the High Seas or Lets Get Together and Do Launch, Sarah, Plain and Tall, and most recently he shared the stage with his brother Porter in Sleeping Beauty. Sawyer enjoys 5th-grade reading and acting. He also loves Math, playing soccer, and watching a good NFL game.
Claire Hatfield  (Mock Turtle)
Claire has been to a theatre camp as well as in Spotlight's production of Sarah Plain and Tall. She is in student leadership team at her school. Aside from school, she enjoys sports and playing video games
Madilynn Heuberger (Ace of Hearts Card)
Madilynn has always had a call to the stage. At age 6 she started with theater camps and then went on to perform in the ugly duckling & the Rainbow fish production with enlightened theater in Salem. Last year she joined spotlights theater for their sleeping beauty production.She enjoys trying new things, whether that is new activities or trying out eccentric foods! Overall she enjoys all things musical. She is currently learning how to play the guitar and the clarinet. She also likes to make up stories, creating new worlds on sims and hanging out with her friends!
Damien Brewer (Knave of Hearts Card)
Damien is new to Spotlight and new to the stage. When Damien isn't playing with us, he loves playing games with his friends. He also also likes to sing. One of six siblings, Damien claims to be very helpful. We here at Spotlight agree!
Camila Garcia (Two Of Hearts Card)
Camila is one of Spotlight's returning actresses with her most recent performance as a fairy in Sleeping Beauty on resume. This Stayton Intermediate School student loves to make people almost as much as she loves soccer.
Ixmena Garcia (Five of Hearts Card)
Ixmena is one of Spotlight's returning actresses with her most recent performance as a Munchkin (and several other characters) in The Wizard of Oz. Ixmena loves spicy food - especially taki's! She loves to cook with her mom, play with her toys and baby dolls and loves to sing and dance! Ixmena wants to become a teacher or a vet when she is older!
Laura Sangster (Seven of Hearts Card)
Laura was in Spotlight's Theatre production of Sleeping Beauty! Outside of school, she enjoys dancing, karaoke, reading, playing with her dog, and jumping on the trampoline. She has tried gymnastics and ballet and is looking forward to trying out soccer this year! She likes FNAF and Roblox and loves making friends. An interesting fact about Laura, is that her family calls her by several different nicknames, such as: Belle, Bella, Lolo, Beans, Princess, LoeLoe, and Beany.
Azazel Brewer (Giggling Flower #1)
First timer to our stage, Azi is excited to share this wonderland adventure with her older brother Damien. This very loving girl has a contagious laugh and loves to play with her siblings. She also likes to read, draw and color.
Annalee Elijah (Giggling Flower #2)
Anna is no stranger to Spotlight's stage. most recently you would have seen her in Sleeping Beauty as a Fairy and in The Wizard of Oz as a Munchkin. Her sweet smile and energy make her fun fun fun to be around. When she isn't playing on our stage she loves to draw, put on make-up, and play with her friends and her sisters Sophie and Lily. Fun Fact: Anna has 3 dogs, 2 cats several fish, and some tarantulas!!! That's right folks this girl is a spider whisper!