About Alice in Wonderland

Alice The Musical is a brilliant musical production based on Lewis Carroll's timeless classic Alice In Wonderland. Incorporating a creative combination of song and dance, narrative and drama. In the beginning, Alice is sitting on the riverbank with her sister, ‘tired of having nothing to do’ when suddenly a white rabbit runs close by her. He pops down a large rabbit hole under the hedge, nervously exclaiming I’m Late! Burning with curiosity, Alice goes after it and finds herself falling down a very deep well and landing in a world that is nothing less than wonderful. From drinks that make you shrink and cakes that grow you tall, to tea parties with a Mad Hatter and Hare, Alice makes her way through Wonderland to meet the queen for tea and croquet. 

However, someone has stolen the queen's tarts and she is out for someone's head! No one is safe in Wonderland when the queen yells “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" not even Alice. 

Spotlight Community Theatre

Aumsville Community Theatre is now doing business as Spotlight Community Theatre. We provide a live theatre experience for Stayton, Aumsville, Sublimity and the surrounding areas. We work hard to support a community of creative people who love to participate in the joy of live theatre (stage plays, murder mysteries, and staged radio shows) as actors, crew, and audience. We involve all ages; in the past few years we had cast members ranging from 6 to 85 years old. In a time where the arts are struggling, we feel it is important to continue to provide these much-needed services to our community.