Spring Awakening Cast

Kai Samad (Wendla Bergman)
Kai is a 12th grader with a history of performances at camps and master classes. Kai first appeared in a Solebury production as Leanne in Puffs (2019). Kai's other roles include Mrs. Chauvenet in Harvey, Liz in Chicago, and one of the narrators in The Terrible Infants. Kai would like to thank the cast and crew for this wonderful production!
Mercedes Prentice (Mrs. Bergman)
(She/They) Mercedes, also known as Sadie, is a 12th grader. She has been doing theatre since she was a little kid obsessed with Hamilton. She credits her role as Audrey 2 in Little Shop of Horrors as her all-time favorite character in any show. Mercedes would like to thank their family, pets, and friends both in and out of Solebury!
Kaz Jahanbini (Melchior Gabor)
(He/Him) Kaz is a 10th grader whose work you may have seen in other past productions. When he was ten, he made his debut as Lefou in Solebury theater's summer camp production of Beauty & The Best. His most recent credits include a performance in SSTI's summer stock production of The Music Man. He's incredibly honored and excited to play Melchior and would like to thank Peter for trusting him to take on this role. He would also like to thank his dear mentor, Cher, for her contributions to his talents. @kazbini
Wyatt Parker (Otto/Rupert)
(Any Pronouns) Wyatt is a 10th grader who devotes much of his time to enjoying music. He would like to thank all the people at Solebury for making school life lovely.
Mischa Lokhandwala (Robert/Dirk)
(He/Him, They/Them) Mischa Mustufa Lokhandwala is a 9th grader. Spring Awakening is his first school production.
Max Frankel (Moritz Stiefel)
(He/Him) Max is an 11th grader, and this is his seventh Solebury production. He is most memorably known for his role as Dr. Chumley in last year’s production of Harvey, which happens to be his favorite role in his career. Max has had a lot of fun with this play and is excited to share the final product with the audience. He would like to thank Peter for continuing to be the best and the cast and crew for their part in making this play the best it could be.
Nathaniel Ferenchak (George/Helmut/Dr. Spritzer)
(He/Him) Nathaniel is a 10th grader who has been doing musicals and plays since the 3rd grade. He enjoys all aspects of theater and has shown talents behind the scenes as co-director of a school musical in 8th grade. Spring Awakening is his second play at Solebury, but certainly not his last. Nathaniel would like to thank his parents, brother, and friends for supporting him throughout his high-school experience.
Ali Harris (Ernest Robel/Gaston)
(They/Them) Ali Harris is a 9th grader who plays Ernest Robel in Spring Awakening. They have past theater experience, having played Mr. Brownlow in Oliver. They also have a shared love for acting, literature, and psychology. Ali would like to thank their parents for helping them come so far in theater and life. They'd also like to thank the Solebury faculty for being so supportive and all their friends for being so welcoming and accepting!
Rachel Swain (Martha/Costume Design)
(She/Her) Rachel is a 12th grader who is excited to enter her second season with the Solebury Theater Collective. This year will also be her first season as co-chair of the residency program. In addition to playing Martha in Spring Awakening, she is thrilled to showcase her talents as a costume designer and hair and makeup artist. Other makeup and costume design credits include The Terrible Infants. Some of Rachel's past roles are Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls, Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof, Molly in Peter and the Starcatcher, Cinderella in Cinderella, and Roxy Hart in Chicago. She would like to thank Peter and Titus for being such amazing mentors and is so grateful to be able to spend another year with them.
Olivia Feinstein (Thea/Nightjar)
(She/Her) Olivia Feinstein is a 12th grader who will make her first appearance at Solebury in Spring Awakening. This is Olivia's 18th show, and some of her favorite roles include Drizella in Cinderella and Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. Olivia enjoys drawing, dancing, and playing with her dogs when she isn't acting. She would like to thank the crew for an amazing show and her family for their support.
Rory Doneff (Hansy Rillow/Mr. Gabor)
(They/Them) Rory is a 10th grader who is experiencing their first year at Solebury. They enjoy singing, drawing, and reading anything they can get their hands on. They are excited to appear on stage as Hansy.
Christopher Roche (Headmaster Hart-Payne/The Masked Man)
(He/Him) Christopher is a 12th grader who has performed in many shows at Solebury. He has had a lot of fun with the production of Spring Awakening and thought it was a great experience. He would like to thank Peter, Rebecca, and Titus for this fabulous opportunity and for putting up with him this Fall.
Chloe Howes (Professor Killafly)
(They/Them) Chloe is a 12th grader who is very excited to play Professor Killafly in Spring Awakening. Their past roles include Mrs. Chauvenet in Harvey, Hunyak in Chicago, and a player in The Terrible Infants. They would like to thank Peter, Rebecca, and Alex for this production.
Scarlett Betz  (Mrs. Fanny Gabor)
(Any Pronouns) Scarlett Betz is a 12th grader, and this is her fourth year being a part of STC’s productions. In recent years, they’ve played a Storyteller in Terrible Infants, and he is super excited to be a part of this year’s fall production! She would like to thank Titus and Peter for encouraging her to do her best and providing a space where they feel safe and welcome to try new things.
Elli Anna Vallow (Ilse)
(She/Her) Elli is a 12th grader who is incredibly excited to play Ilse in Spring Awakening. She has been in every production since 10th grade. Her past roles include female swing in Ride The Cyclone, Mary Sunshine in Chicago, and Storyteller in The Terrible Infants. Elli has an extensive theater background which began in 2nd grade. Her performance credits include the Roxy Ballet, New Hope-Solebury shows, community theaters, and broadway intensives in New York City. In addition, she is part of the residency program run by Peter Martino. She credits past productions and the residency with bringing light to her after the pandemic. She would also love to thank Peter and Alex for bringing this beautifully tragic show to light and would like to say, "Break a leg!"
Alexandra Zisk  (Professor Starver/Rev. Bleekhead/Mrs. Pockanger)
(She/Her) Alexandra is an 11th grader performing in her third theater production at Solebury. Previously, she appeared as a reporter in Chicago and the ventriloquist storyteller in The Terrible Infants. Other major theater roles include Anita in 101 Dalmatians, Ms. Shein in Fame, a townsperson in Inherit the Wind, Bettina in the Halloween Party, and ensemble roles in The King and I, Honk, Willy Wonka, and Madagascar. She is honored to be part of telling such a profoundly important and thought-provoking story and wants to thank Peter, Rebecca, Titus, and all of the cast and crew members who made this production possible.
Maddie Sharp (Professor Fitztongue/Ina)
(She/Her) Maddie, a 12th grader, is excited to work with everyone this season. Spring Awakening is her fourth production at Solebury and tenth show overall. Maddie likes to read, code, and hang out with her friends in her free time. She would like to thank the cast, crew, and directors for working so hard on the show. Most importantly, she would like to thank her parents for supporting her throughout her life. She also wants to shout out her dog Oscar just because she can.
Vivian Chen (Fetch/Dr. Prokrustes)
(She/Her) "Life is just a game, so play with it." - Vivian
Amelia Lytkowski (Rhett/Locksmith)
(She/They)Amelia Lytkowski is a returning 11th grader. Past roles include June in Solebury's Winter production of Chicago and Elle Woods in her camp's production of Legally Blonde. Amelia would like to thank Peter for the opportunity to be in the cast and their family for being her main supporters.