Giving Mental Illness a Stage Contributors

Joshua A Johnson (Voices in the Woods - Brent)
Joshua A. Johnson one day would like to be not just an actor but an artist, being able making a living off of it and plus I love traveling but do it rarely often. I did my first play “Days of Absence” with Encore STL which made me continue my acting journey which one day I hope become Hollywood status. I’m so honored to be doing “Into the Woods”.
Tom Moore (Voices in the Woods - Bo, My River My Valley - Sheriff Hankins, Boogieban - Lt. Col Lawrence)
Tom has been with Slaying Dragons since before it was Slaying Dragons, and has performed in many of its productions, such as A Hatful of Rain, Long Day's Journey into Night, Voices of Depression, and Voices in the Woods. He has also performed with St. Louis Shakespeare, Hawthorn Players, Clayton Community Theatre, First Run Theatre, Stray Dog Theatre, Theatre Guild of Webster Groves, and Act II Theatre. This is his first attempt at directing; we'll see if it becomes a habit! Thank you, Jim Danek!
Ruby Lacy (Voices in the Woods - Precious)
Rhonda Cropp (Boggieban - Gwyneth)
Helene Meyer (My River, My Valley - Viola)
Ms. Meyer has been performing in the St Louis area for several years. She is the artistic director of Slaying Dragons.