About Giving Mental Illness a Stage

Our Youth are in Crisis!

Our young people are in trouble.  Depression leading to suicide among teens and young adults has risen 53 per cent in the last two years. While Covid had much to do with this increase, there are many other underlying reasons that contribute to this crisis.


We founded Slaying Dragons in 2011 to destroy the stigma of mental illness through theatrical performances. In prior years we have addressed Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and PTSD in our productions. Now it is time to attack the heart-breaking dilemma of our young people.


Your support is key to our efforts. Your ticket purchase or donation will have an impact on how many people we can reach to help through our performances and discussions. Please help us save young lives!


Our twelfth birthday celebration features scenes from three of our most popular productions!   


Voices in the Woods is the story of a family dealing with schizophrenia. A sister, Precious, sees illusions and speaks to them. She has been living with her mother for many years. Now the mother is dying, and the other brothers and sisters have come together to discuss what is to happen to Precious.

While the illness is a serious topic, the playwright, Don Fidler, brings great humor to the play to emphasize that no matter what the situation, people can still enjoy life.


Boogieban, also by Don Fidler, is a play about PTSD. A young soldier has just returned from Afghanistan. He is placed under the care of a military psychiatrist.

Both men are suffering in different way from PTSD as the result of being in two different wars. They learn how to help one another.


My River, My Valley by Ron Osborne, tells the story of two sisters facing the loss of their home, their land, and all that meant something to each of them. They have their memories, but each sister sees this change in their lives in very different ways. In the end, what does each sister decide?


Our Saturday evening Gala program will be hosted by stage, voice over actor and cabaret performer Charles Lavazzi.  Your ticket will include a buffet dinner, silent auction, birthday cake, and a surprise!



Slaying Dragons

Our not-for-profit (501c3) organization’s mission is to destroy the stigma of mental illness. Topics addressed through the productions have included depression, PTSD, and Alzheimer's. These performances, augmented by discussion sessions with a mental health professional, have drawn upon a broad variety of source materials from the works of William Shakespeare to new original pieces such as "Voices of Depression" by Slaying Dragons Artistic Director Helene Meyer. 

We restore hope for tomorrow. How will we succeed? Our unique approach reaches all populations of religion, race, gender, age and ethnicity. We want to bring hope to as many people as we can and help them see the value of their lives.