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Kirri Miller
Experience - Kirri has been a part of Sierra Vista Community Theatre since 2019, working as the Assistant Stage Manager for the theatre’s first show Edgar Allan Poe's Night Fall. She continues to this day as a Director, Actor, Technician, Writer, and Volunteer of different Committees and is at this time the Intermittent Head of the Costume Department. Kirri is also a Board Member serving out volunteers since the end of 2020, and is the Producing Artistic Director for the Youth Theatre. Kirri has Directed many shows with Sierra Vista Community Theatre has Directed shows such as: Alice In Wonderland (Youth), Nana's Naughty Knickers, Into the Woods Jr. (Youth), Rocky Horror Picture Show, Twisted Fairy Tales (Youth), Wizard of Oz Jr. (Youth), and Anne Of Green Gables. Kirri has been with other theatre companies in Arizona working as a Director, Actor, and Technician years prior to joining Sierra Vista Community Theatre but is happy to have this wonderful Community as a home. What do you like about math? - It's a puzzle but there is always a one true answer no matter which way you go after what i would say if i liked math. Dyslexia and Math are never a good match. A, B, C is as easy as 1, 2, 3, until you start mixing them up together....then the world does not make sense anymore. What type of proof are you looking for? - How to authentically be my true self and live life to seem fulfilled at the end, and what that truly means.
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Brady Silk
Stay tuned for an amazing bio or tasty dip recipe
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Props Designer
Robin StClair
Role: Props Designer Experience: Property Dept Manager, SVCT Designer of the year for props. What do you like about math? that someone else can do it. What type of proof are you looking for? that team members read and understand instructions (you can leave the last part off)
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Ethan Zazueta
Experience: Acting, writing, stage managing, directing, I've done it all! If I haven't yet then I will! You've probably seen my work at this theatre, if not, then I'm sure you will. What do you like about math?: nothing What proof are you looking for?: The proof of Bigfoot
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Costume Designer
Calliope Ordo
Experience: I’ve been sewing since I was 8 years old, and sewing and designing costumes for over a decade now. I worked with multiple organizations for haunted houses where I would work with our story designer to come up with makeup and costumes to fit the story of the haunted house. My first show with this theatre was Evild Dead in October of 2023, where I designed the makeup for our makeup artist and worked backstage. I’ve been behind the scenes in most shows since Evil Dead, and this will be my first time as a costume designer for this theatre. What do like about Math? I’ve never really ‘liked’ math, but I’ve always been thankful for it when I have to create a sewing pattern on the fly! What type of proof are you looking for? I think the proof I’m looking for is that love and kindness heals all. I believe if we truly loved and cared for each other, and gave everyone the kindness we all wanted to be treated with… I think the world be a much better place, and that maybe, just maybe, there wouldn’t be so many problems.
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Sound Design
Vanessa Call
I love sounds. Ya hear those crickets, is that a real cricket or did I create that cricket? You'll never know but you'll always wish you had proof.
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Props Master
Brenna Macher
My theatre experience started in seventh grade; my school would put on either a musical, a play, or both, as we got older. I volunteered to help backstage in whatever way I could. I learned a lights program, helped make props and sets, helped with makeup and hair, and even assisted quick changes on and off stage. During High School, I ran stage left, educating and helping the students in years below with their performances. In college, I helped build designs for the theatre program, and took a course about incorporating theatre into school lessons. Life got busy, and I’ve only just returned to theatre, helping behind the scenes as often as I can, here at Sierra Vista Community Theatre. What do you like about math? I never really liked math. I was good at it, “advanced” even, for a while. I suppose what I liked best about math were my teachers, and the way they tried to make their classes fun, especially so early in the morning. What type of proof are you looking for? Proof is in the eye of the beholder; You see what you want to see, believe what you want to believe. I try to keep myself open to all “proof” in the world, never exactly seeking out proof until it becomes something vital.
Marketing Manager
Aiden Swallow
Experience: Acting wise my first show was a disciple in Godspell. Since then I was the the Prime Minister in Maddened by Mystery, The Great Mage Steve / Steve in She Kills Monsters, a Deadite / Ed and Moose Understudy in Evil Dead, performed an original musical number in Dream Roles, and now I am the Second Merchant in A Comedy of Errors. Tech / production wise I was Marketing Manager for A Christmas Carol, Costume Dedigner for An Avalanche of Murder, Marketing Manager for Proof, and now Set Drsigner for A Little Proncess. What do you like about math?: Nothing... absolutely nothing... unless it means I gives me more cake. What type of proof are you looking for?: A mathematical proof to time travel using the speed of light

Original Creative Mind

David Auburn's plays include PROOF (Pulitzer Prize, Tony Award, New York Drama Critics Circle Award), AN UPSET and AMATEURS (EST Marathons), and SKYSCRAPER. Films include “The Girl in the Park” (writer/director) and “The Lake House.” Recent directing credits include A DELICATE BALANCE for BTF. His short plays have been collected in the volume FIFTH PLANET AND OTHER PLAYS (DPS). His work has been published in Harper's, New England Review, and Guilt and Pleasure; and he was a contributing editor to the Oxford American Writers Thesaurus. A former Guggenheim Fellow, he lives in New York City.