A Christmas Carol Creative

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Jason Cabrera
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Robin StClair
Experience: Robin has been involved in community theatre for several decades. While this is her first opportunity to be PSM for a full production at SVCT, she was PSM for Maddened by Mystery, one of SVCT's New Director One Acts and for several productions at Las Vegas Little Theatre (Las Vegas, NV), Elden Street Players (Herndon, VA) and the Community Theatre of Alexandria, VA. Among other productions, Robin was Stage Manager for A Christmas Carol in 1994 for Las Vegas Little Theatre. Robin started supporting SVCT in early 2022 shortly after she retired and has been backstage crew, prop master, set construction assistant, Assistant Stage Manager and Props Designer and Fabricator for SVCT several shows. Robin received the award for 2023 Designer of the Year from SVCT. Favorite Part of the Christmas Season: Time with family and remembering the reason for the season.
Jenny Norwood
Costume Designer
Kirri Miller
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Scenic Designer
Mia Pritchard
Charge Painter
Basil Enamorado
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Sound Designer
David Vest
Experience: Playing guitar and bass in the Theater's live band for "Rocky Horror," "Godspell," "Evil Dead: The Musical," the 2021 Christmas float and "Wizard of Oz Jr." pre-show. Sound FX tech for "She Kills Monsters." What is your favorite part about the Christmas season?: The spirit of appreciation, hospitality and sharing. That, and women's winter fashion.
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Props Designer
Scott Hamilton
Lighting Designer
Scott Conklin
Experience: Founding member of Sierra Vista Community Theatre. Currently Master Electrician and Facilities Manager for SVCT. Have held a number of Board positions. .I have also provided lights / sound tech work for the Tombstone Repertory Theatre and Theatre on the Move. What is your favorite part about the Christmas Season? Spending time with family.
Marketing Manager
Aiden Swallow
Stage Left Crew
Kayalynn Fiddes
Experience: Sound (Mousetrap) What is your favorite part about the Christmas Season? I love the music and the lights.
Stage Right Crew
Kat Bothelo
Props Master
Jordan Schaff
Vanessa Call
Experience: I was fortunate enough to run spotlight for "I Love You, You're Perfect, now Change". I really enjoy working tech!
Gina Florez
Experience: This is my first time doing a lighting tech role, I am usually in the performing realm, marketing or painting, it’s been so fun learning this crucial component of theatre magic! What is your favorite part about the Christmas season?: Corny Christmas Movies and Family time 🖤
Backstage Tech
Skylar Aube
Backstage Tech
Zebulon Kunkowski
Experience: I was in a spring play in kindergarten, and I was in several roles in the more recent Wizard of Oz. Funny story, I was actually cast in a different production of A Christmas Carol during this one, for my school, as Scrooge. It’s pretty cool because of how original (improved) it is. We found a free script on line and went with that. What is your favorite part about the Christmas Season? I definitely like how warm it is, being a very comforting time. I like the presents, but more I like the vacations my family goes on. We usually go on vacation instead of getting presents, and its really fun!
Lighting Designer
Scott Conklin

Original Creative Team

Charles Dickens was a British novelist, journalist, editor, illustrator and social commentator who wrote such beloved classic novels as Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Nicholas Nickleby, David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations

Dickens is remembered as one of the most important and influential writers of the 19th century. Among his accomplishments, he has been lauded for providing a stark portrait of the Victorian-era underclass, helping to bring about social change.

On December 19, 1843, Dickens published A Christmas Carol. The book features the timeless protagonist Ebenezer Scrooge, a curmudgeonly old miser, who, with the help of ghosts, finds the Christmas spirit. 

Dickens penned the book in just six weeks, beginning in October and finishing just in time for the holiday celebrations. The novel was intended as a social criticism, to bring attention to the hardships faced by England’s poorer classes. 

The book was a roaring success, selling more than 6,000 copies upon publication. Readers in England and America were touched by the book’s empathetic emotional depth; one American entrepreneur reportedly gave his employees an extra day’s holiday after reading it. Despite literary criticism, the book remains one of Dickens’ most well-known and beloved works.