A Christmas Carol Cast

David Morgan (Ebenezer Scrooge)
Previous Experience: On Golden Pond - Norman Same Time Next Year - George My Fair Lady - Col Pickering Jesus Christ Superstar - Pontiac Pilate South Pacific - Lt Cable ( long ago) Edgar Allen Poe vignettes - various Various melodramas - The Villian and Grandma Lots of others What I Like Most About Christmas: the spirit of giving
David Dahl (Jacob Marley)
Dave has loved theatre since his first performance in the Opera Carmen at age 6. Since then he teaches acting and has led actors workshops and founded The Northern Colorado Actors Studio. He also acts in his spare time. He directed Orson’s Shadow and Antony and Cleopatra, Comedy of Errors, Love's Labours Lost, Chimes at Midnight, Twelfth Night, King Lear, As You Like It and the regional premiere of Gloria. In his 40 years as an actor favorite roles include: Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, Mr.Paravicini in The Mousetrap, Alf in Peter and the Starcatcher, Edgar in King Lear, Horatio in Hamlet, Orgon in Tartuffe and Benjamin Franklin in 1776. Thanks to Sierra Vista Community Theatre for this opportunity. My favorite part of the Christmas season? It changes every year it's something different. This year my granddaughter is two years old.... and she already loves holidays. So it will be fun to see her grow and learn from each Christmas to come.
Tiffany Daly (Ghost of Christmas Past)
Xavier Young (Ghost of Christmas Present)
Experience: I have performed in multiple shows as both main and ensemble roles, as well as teched for multiple shows. A few of my favorite roles that I’ve played would be Seaweed in Hairspray, Ash’s understudy in Evil Dead the Musical and Jesus in Godspell. What is your favorite part about the Christmas Season? I personally like sitting at home with the heater on while it is cold outside and relaxing with some hot chocolate.
Alexander Broadnax (Ghost of Christmas Future)
1st play EVER!!! What is your favorite part about the Christmas season?: Spending time with Family and seeing how joyful the world is during this time.
Ryan Gann-Martin (Bob Cratchit/Young Scrooge)
Experience: Midsummer Night's Dream 2022 SVCT, Darkside of Oz 2022 SVCT, She Kills Monsters 2023 SVCT, Evil Dead The Musical 2023 SVCT What is your favorite part about the Christmas Season?: I love seeing the Christmas decorations and the cold weather. Nothing beats Tucson's Winterhaven with my fiancée and family and a nice hot chocolate.
Joyce Underwood (Mrs. Cratchit)
Experience: Having only done theater in school this is Joyce’s first gig as an adult. The highlight of her adolescent acting career was one line (“the boss, he never knows that the foreman is always in heat.”) in Palatka High School’s 2003 production of “Les Misérables.” What is your favorite part about the Christmas Season? The Feast of Epiphany.
Christina Stark (Tiny Tim)
Experience: played Grace in HONK! Favorite part about the Christmas season: The music and the lights ✨️ 😍 🎶 💕
Karah Capangpangan (Peter Cratchit)
Experience: the Lion in Wizard of Oz, Maria in Anne of Green Gables What is your favorite part about the Christmas season?: being with family
Sofia Randazzo (Belinda Cratchit)
Experience: Into the Woods -ensemble, Wizard of Oz Junior -ensemble, Anne of Green Gables -Josie Pye, Honk! - the Ugly Ducking. What is your favorite part about the Christmas season?: Spending time with my family and exchanging gifts.
Emme Parrish (Martha Cratchit/Fan)
Experience: -Baker's Wife in Into the Woods Jr. -The Christmas Review -Twisted Fairytales -Ensemble in Wizard of Oz Jr. -Rachel Lynde in Anne of Green Gables -Ida in Honk! -Camp Counselor for Youth Theatre Camp in 2022 and 2023 -Haunted house -Writing Workshop 2022 -Art Fair 2023 My favorite part about Christmas season is spending quality time for all my close friends and family. I love seeing them open the gifts I got them and everyone having a good time. I also love the food
Brady Silk (Fred/Businessman 3)
Experience: Been doing many shows since freshman year of high school and joined SVCT since 2021 when they did The Rocky Horror Picture Show! I've been on and off the stage some of my favorites have been Chuck in She Kills Monsters, Officer Biddle in Acting Can Be Murder, Flute/Thisbe in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Mr. Spritzer in Hairspray and PSMing the kids shows The Wizard of Oz and Anne of Green Gables and looking forward to my first show codirecting with one of my best friends Mia in An Avalanche of Murder! What is your favorite part about the christmas Season? I love it all! I embody Christmas! It's my seasonal happiness time and I love doing everything I can. Giving presents (and getting of course!), Holiday Food, Decorating, Watching Rankin/Bass Chrsitmas Specials, and constantly listening to Christmas Music!
Harley Noble (Child Scrooge/Boy)
Angele Kunkowski (Mrs. Fezziwig/Violet)
Experience: Since joining the theatre I have been a part of I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, She Kills Monsters and Evil Dead the Musical. Before I joined the theatre I was a professional musician and singer. What is your favorite part about the Christmas Season? It brings my small dispersed family together and we forget whatever we are mad at each other about and spend time together.
Ken Davis (Mr. Fezziwig/Old Joe)
Experience: I’ve performed as Oscar in Acting Can Be Murder, Puck in a Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Doc Holliday in Dracula Comes to Tombstone plus many other roles. I’ve also directed and help build sets. What is your favorite part about the Christmas season?: I love Christmas music, the decorations, and getting together with family and friends.
Mia Pritchard (Belle/Janet)
Experience: High School, but more recently I have acted in I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change and the One Acts as the Duchess. I mainly do tech work, but I really enjoy the occasional times I can act on stage. What is your favorite part about the Christmas Season? My favorite part (aside from the lights) is definitely being frozen solid outside and then coming home to the sound of the heater blowing.
Jeremy Heisner (Dick Wilkins/Man)
Dan Geduld (Gentleman 1/Guest/Businessman 1)
Experience: Stage Manager at the “K Palace” Theater in Huachuca City 2 small acting roles at the “K Palace” 1st time on stage at the SVCT Background and career in broadcast news and journalism Favorite part of Christmas Season: Seeing family and friends and allowing myself a few dietary cheat days
Matthew Perry (Topper/Gentleman 2/Businessman 2)
Experience: I participated in some film projects in High School but this is my first theater production! What is your favorite part about the Christmas season?: I’ve always loved the atmosphere that communities create around Christmas, for a few weeks the world is more colorful, more positive, and filled with more joy.
Gabby Lopez (Valentine/Child 2)
Vinnie Savarese (Orson/Child)
Experience: I played an orphan in a production of Annie, Violet in Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory; Ensemble in a digital version of Shrek the Musical; Wooden Soldier in Hooray for Justice!; and my most recent and proudest role as the Bullfrog in Honk! What is your favorite part about the Christmas Season?: I adore being able to make and give gifts to the people I love most on Christmas day!
Theresa Tate (Wife/woman)
Experience: I've never acted a day in my life. I was in band and choir in school, but haven't been on stage since I was 16 and haven't been in a play ever. What is your favorite part about the Christmas season?: Food, food, debates over whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie (It is), and food.
Lucy Duvall (Want)
Aaron Fiddes (Ignorance)
Experience: None, this is his first play. What is your favorite part about the Christmas Season? He likes opening presents.