Godspell 2012 Creative

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Jeremy Heisner
Ok, so...
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Production Stage Manager
Scott Conklin
My interest with live stage began in 1973/74 when I was assigned to Special Services Entertainment while stationed at Fort Huachuca. I worked follow-spot, as stagehand, lights and sound, and eventually as Technical Director. Once out of the Army, I returned to my home state and eventually had a 40 year carrer at a School District in the Bay Area. After retiring, we decided to move back to Sierra Vista, where I decided to ask Theater on the Move if they needed any help. After working a few shows with them, I worked with Tombstone Repritory Theater doing lights, sound and video work. I met up with the founders of the Sierra Vista Community Theatre and joined the Board. As the last of the founding members still working with the theater, I’m proud and delighted to see the growth and enthusiasm of the volunteers, actors and current Board as they strive to provide Sierra Vista with a professional and enjoyable venue without having to go to Tucson.
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Assistant Stage Manager
Suzy Lusk
I have experience in acting, stage tech and twice directing. My first role was as a toy Stormtrooper at age 11. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD DO TO BETTER SOCIETY/THE WORLD? I try to be kind every day.
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Stage Tech
Susan Leighton
I've previously sang in two bands and have experience singing in the choir and in my high school drama class. Fun fact about me that I can actually slip out of handcuffs! WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD DO TO BETTER SOCIETY/THE WORLD? I would seek to understand and accept all humans with love and grace.
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Music director
Dr. B
Bio: I am so greatful to have found this amazing theater community in Sierra Vista. I enjoyed working in many plays and musical as a youth and throughout school including Annie, Peter Pan, Taming of the Shrew, How to Suceed in Business, Lion in Winter, and Godspell all in Southeastern Iowa. Now in Sierra Vista, I live with my husband and 1 year old son and work as a primary care physician with Chiricahua Community Health Centers. Fun fact: Major foodie here and one of my absolute favorite places for something sweet or savory is the Italian bakery rigtht here in the mall - Dolce Amore! You can show them this bio in our program for 10% off your order.
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Lead Guitar
David Vest
My musical experience here, at Sierra Vista Community Theatre includes guitar and bass in "Elbow Sex", Dr. Frank N. Furter's bank in Rocky Horror Show. I played bass in the Christmas Parade Float of 2021, and guitar in the preshow entertainment for Wizard of Oz. I am currently a member of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple: female Version as Jesus Costazuela and enjoyed playing many roles in the Haunted Theatre for 2022. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD DO TO BETTER SOCIETY/THE WORLD? I would spend more time teaching.
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Preston Jennings
This is my second musical, having done Rocky Horror Show in 2021 as my introduction, and overall now fifth show with the SVCT. I'm as happy as ever to be here and grateful to share the stage and perform the unique take on the music for the love audience. I'm very excited to perform with this amazing cast!
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Hoppy Hopkins
I’m a singer-songwriter with a 30 year history of performance. I taught myself the guitar by reading Beatles “fake books” as a young teenager. I play an exuberant style that is obviously influenced by The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. The highlight of my musical achievements was warming up the stage in Washington D.C. for Eartha Kitt in 1993 .
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Nic Moschetti
I'm Nic Moschetti, just your average drum bum out here living the desert dream. This is my first production with SVCT. I have played rums since middle school, and have always wanted to play for a live musical, so I'm glad to finally have the opportunity to do that.
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Caitie Fuller
I’ve wanted to be a part of the theater since I was a little kid, but I didn’t get the opportunity until I stumbled into SVCT in 2021. I’ve had the pleasure of being in the band for The Rocky Horror Picture Show and I also just had my first acting debut with the Odd Couple, Female Version. Music has always been a part of my life - I’ve been playing piano for sixteen years and I’m thrilled to use my ability for something like this musical. My fun fact: when I was little I willingly stared at the sun in hopes I’d go blind. It didn’t work - completely. One thing I try to do to make the world a better place is listen. Sometimes angry people just need someone who can listen to them and not get angry back.
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Props Master
Robin StClair
I'm delighted to be working on my dream show at SVCT. I worked backstage on several shows since Midsummer’s Night Dream, and look forward to continuing collaboration with SVCT.
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Light Designer
Ethan Zazueta
Ethan has worked with SVCT for over a year now. He has preformed in Love rides the rails. Ethan worked as the Assistant Stage manager in Nana’s Naughty Knickers and has been the Production Stage manager for Midsummer’s Night Dream and Acting Can be Murder. Fun fact – “I'm a monster movie maniac and own a growing collection of silent era flims.” What is One thing you would do to better society or the world? – “If I could change the world for the better, then I would give every stray a home; pet or person.”
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Sound Designer
Dustin Machin
Dustin has 21 years of working with bands with Lights and sounds for their sets. Fun fact – “This is my first time running sound for a musical” What is One thing you would do to better society or the world? – “I donate blood as often as I can in order to help change someone’s world.”
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Becca Norwood
Rebecca has recently become more involved with theatre. She was very active in SVCT’s Youth theatre in 2022 attending the Writer’s Workshop and producing her own series of plays. She performed in Twisted Fairy Tales in the 2 out of 5 vignettes Portal Troubles and A Glitched Curse. Rebecca recently was the Youth Production Stage manager for The Wizard of Oz Jr. She attended the Youth Summer Theatre camp 2022 and is looking forward to learning
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Bear Shae
Volunteers that enjoys helping with building, painting, and finalizing our sets. Fun fact – “I cook a really good steak.” What is One thing you would do to better society or the world? – “ I would reinforce the barter system and try to teach more agriculture.”
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Corey Miller
I love this theatre and everyone I work with. Everyone here put's in 110% effort and more. I've just recently started to build a background in theatre. First performing in Nana's Naughty Knickers here in 2021. I'm a graduate of the University of Arizona and a proud diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) member with Southwest Gas.
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Evelynn Mull
Experience - Acting Can Be Murder, Odd Couple tech Fun fact - my favorite serial killer is H.H. Holmes What's one thing you would do to better secioty / world - one small thing a day that makes someone smile
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Avery Carter
Experience- Did high school theatre for 2 years. Fun fact- I started showing huge interest in acting at age 13. One thing I’d do to better society- Make sure everyone has a home and food/water without having to worry about the cost of it.
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Set Designer
Pam Landin
Pam recently finished playing Olive in SVCT’s production of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple, Female Version, a role she has long loved. She directed last season’s melodrama This Mine, is Mine and has served SVCT in several other ways for two years. Theatre has long been a hobby for her and runs in her immediate family. Fun fact – “I am not an artist, but I am good at using what I like and catering to people’s strengths.” What is One thing you would do to better society or the world? – “I was drawn to a career of service. I am working on getting out of my head and communicating better.”


Conceived and Originally Directed by JOHN-MICHAEL TEBELAK