Godspell 2012 Cast

Xavier Young (Jesus)
I have performed in multiple shows for Buena Fine Arts Productions as well as for Sierra Vista Community Theatre. Some of my favorite roles would be Seaweed in Hairspray; Ken Gorman in Neil Simon's Rumors; and now this one! Fun fact about me is that besides my cripplingly intense passion for the performing arts, I also enjoy playing video games and hanging out with the rest of my trio; AKA, my two best friends Mia and Brady. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD DO TO BETTER SOCIETY/THE WORLD? Hopefully one day, to become so good at what I do that I become super rich/famous and I have enough money to build a fancy school that teaches people all the great experiences I have had so far!
Jason Cabrera (Judas )
I have over 20 years experience in professional theatre and entertainment. Acting, directing, stunt work and stage management! My most notable performances are Lefou in Beauty and The Beast, Hortensio in Kiss Me Kate and Mr. Macafe in Bye Bye Birdie. I grew up in Germany and went to high school at Buena High and my career has taken me as far as China. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD DO TO BETTER SOCIETY/THE WORLD? I am teaching my kids to value people and life. I can't think of a better way to better the world.
Kirri Miller (John the Baptist )
I have been with SVCT since 2019, with their first show Night Fall working Tech. I continued to Volunteer my time being a Technician and Stage Manager until October 2020 when I decided to audition for Baskerville. Since then, I have performed in many shows, such as Multiple roles in Baskerville, Penelope Toop in See How They Run, Prudence Hopewell in Love Rides The Rails, and Cassie Cooper in Rumors. I have also Directed many shows within SVCT such as Alice In Wonderland, Nana's Naughty Knickers, Into the Woods Jr., Rocky Horror Picture Show, Twisted Fairy Tales, and most recently, Wizard of Oz Jr. And in 2023 I will be Directing Anne Of Green Gables. Fun fact - I learned how to play the Shofar for this show. How would I change the world - Get rid of Allergies of cats so everyone can have a purring fur baby in their home.
Emma Romero (Mary Magadalene & Choreographer)
I have 10 years of dance experience. Recently I have spent more time in the world of acting last year with Midsummer Night's Dream. My most recent show was Acting Can Be Murder and choreographed The wizard of Oz. I have a true passion for the performing arts! Fun fact about me is I have a fat, spoiled french bulldog who I treat like a child. If I'm not in theatre I will most likely be with my frenchie Eva!
Aiden Swallow (Disciple Aiden)
I am an actively performing Drag Queen, at my first live singing performance I was Dr. Frank N Furter in "Sweet Transvestite". This is my first live theatre experience. I have recently begun performing burlesque shows as well. Fun fact about me - I actually have a Bachelor of Science in Game Design. I am currently creating games, both analog and digital, although I have not released anything yet. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD DO TO BETTER SOCIETY/THE WORLD? I would abolish all gender norms because they stifle creativity and originality.
Zuly (Zuleika Villafane)
In Love Rides the Rails I played Fifi and Anna in the Miss Maple Mystery. I have sung in the Buena Choral Union and Desert Singers. I started acting with Jeremy Heisner as a teacher when I was 8 years old. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD DO TO BETTER SOCIETY/THE WORLD? I want to inspire students with disabilities now that I am a special education teacher in real life!
Evelynn (Evelynn Magana)
I was in The Wizard of Oz, Into the Woods Jr, Princess and the Frog. and The Lion King. Fun fact about me is that I love food ALL the time! WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD DO TO BETTER SOCIETY/THE WORLD? I want to pick up all the trash!
Tristan (Tristan LeMonte)
My experience includes studio classes, a production of Midsummer Night's Dream at Buena High School and ASM for Sierra Vista Community Theatre's production of Midsummer Night's Dream. I played Lloyd in Acting Can Be Murder and Willy Wonka In SVYT's production pre covid. Fun fact about me - I collect rocks and crystals. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD DO TO BETTER SOCIETY/THE WORLD? I would share the wonder of story telling.
Barry (Barry R. Smith, Jr.)
I have been a choral singer since 1980 and involved in community theatre as an actor since 2016. I played the lead in "Dracula comes to Tombstone" and sang disco tunes! WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD DO TO BETTER SOCIETY/THE WORLD? Give more of my time to those that need it most.
Gael (Gael Smejkal)
I have been performing on stage for 19+ years. Some of my favorite roles include Phantom in Rocky Horror Show, Jack's mother in Into The Woods, Chorus in Grease, and every role in I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change! I have about 20 different laughs, it all depends on how funny something is, the style of comedy, my level of tiredness or where I am tickled. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD DO TO BETTER SOCIETY/THE WORLD? Religion. Most wars, fights, disagreements are started by having a difference in faith/beliefs. If we all could understand that being different and believing different things makes for a richer and more interesting world. The world would be a better and more beautiful place. If we could see thinking differently as an advantage rather than a downfall, what couldn't we accomplish?! Instead of condemning people for their religion, instead listen to what they believe and why they believe it. Then ask them to do the same for you. If we take the NEED to be right out of the equation we will realize we have learned something and grown. Different beliefs is a beautiful thing, if we can just remove the hate. As someone famous once said, "Love Thy Neighbor". Remove the hate and replace it with love; then we can have peace.
Selina (Selina Lopez)
I have dabbled in the arts a bit as a child. Theatre was always so much fun so when Sierra Vista Community Theatre announced they were holding auditions for Rocky Horror Show I decided to dabble once again. I am currently having a blast as Sylvie in Neil Simon's The Odd Couple: female version. Fun fact - All mammals take about 12 seconds to poop, regardless of size. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD DO TO BETTER SOCIETY/THE WORLD? Find the reset button.
Jenny (Jenny Norwood)
I volunteer with the Youth Theatre department and all of their productions, I played Scarlett Letta in This Mine is Mine and Isabella Watts in Acting Can Be Murder. Fun fact - Orcas are actually the largest species of dolphins. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD DO TO BETTER SOCIETY/THE WORLD? I would continue to love freely.
Anna (Anna Crossland)
My experience in the arts began with ballet with Sierra Vista Ballet at the age of 4 and I continued to learn various types of dances for 20 years! During my time at Buena High School, Carrie Duerk opened my eyes to the magical world of the theatre. I then went on to Eastern Arizona College and obtained my degree in Theatre and Cinematic Arts. I moved to Peoria Illinois in 2014 and continued my involvement in the community theatre! Some of my favorite roles include: Mayzie La Bird from Seussical the Musical, Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady, and Connie from A Chorus Line! I’m excited to be back in Sierra Vista and be in my first Sierra Vista Community Theatre Show! Fun Fact: Miss Sierra Vista 2008-2009 What is one thing you’d do to better society? Compassion. The world could use more of that right now!
Stephanie (Stephanie Whipple)
Experience in the arts: 11 years Sierra Vista Ballet, 2012-2017 Missoula Children’s Theatre annual workshop on Ft. Huachuca 2014 summer program South Camp Missoula Children’s Theatre in Missoula, MT 2022 Midsummer Night’s Dream Sierra Vista Community Theatre Fun Fact: I have a General Class HAM Radio License and my call sign is KI7NNC. If I could, I would make society slow down for a second and take a breath before making any decision. I can’t pretend to know what goes through the minds of doctors, politicians, law enforcement, or anyone who holds a position of power as they make decisions that make or break the world. What I do know is that I make better decisions when I slow down for a second and think about the repercussions of my actions.
Marvel (Marvel Moore)
This is marvels third production with the theater. He began his stage work in high school and spoken word, originally. He has been on and off stage over the last 10 years. His favorite role so far playing Frank N. Furter in Rocky horror picture show. Fun fact – “I was only willing to accept a lead principal role, but Jeremy called to him directly, and is very good with his words.” What is One thing you would do to better society the or world?–“ I would make a movie series, combining the Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, John Wick, and an anime affect ending, boom “Bettered World” you’re welcome.”
Gina (Gina Florez)
Ginas first show with SVCT was Rock Horror Picture Show in 2021. From there, she was able to land a primary role in Neil Simon’s Rumors in 2022. Gina then joined the theatre as a Board Member in 2022 and has loved making new friends and helping the theatre grow! Gina would like to thank her friends and family, but especially her husband Chris for serving as Mr Mom and holding down the fort at home so she could be a part of this exciting production. Enjoy the Show!