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Maddison Arndt
12th Grade South Senior Bio: I started participating in theater as a member of stage crew when I was in 6th grade and have participated every year since, except 8th grade. I have done the following shows The Seussification of a Midsummer Night Dream(6th), Aladdin(6th), The Trials of Robin Hood(7th), Sherk(7th), Footloose(9th), Puffs(9th), Mutually Assured Destruction(10th), Mamma Mia(11th), And Then There Were None(11th), now Freaky Friday(12th) and then one final show in the spring. My favorite shows were probably Footloose and Mamma Mia because they were fun shows and it was a very cool experience to be able to combine two schools into one production and have an awesome outcome. I originally joined stage crew because I wanted to be able to just build the sets. I did solely build sets for the first few years but once I got into Spring of my freshman year I became the stage manager. I have been the stage manager for going on five shows. In my future I want to become a carpenter and I feel that stage crew was a starting path to my goal in life. Being a part of stage crew has helped me prepare for life because I learned how to work with all sorts of people and all sorts of situations. I have made so many memories in stage crew throughout the years and it was a great high school experience to have.
Austin Boeldt
12th Grade South Senior Bio: FUN is why I joined crew and as well from Grabow telling Ryan, Me, and Holden to join so we did. In the future I would probably be going to LTC to do Web Development and the other stuff I do not know.
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Emma Gosse
12th Grade South Senior Bio: I’ve been doing stage crew every year since my freshman year, my first show being Footloose at North. Which to this day is my favorite production we have ever put on. It was my first ever time being apart of a show and even though I was just a stagehand it was the most fun I had at school in a while. Since I loved it so much I continued on with stage crew, through Puffs, our two Covid plays, Mamma Mia, Then There Were None, and this year for Freaky Friday. Stage crew has been and will continue to be something I’m passionate about and i definitely plan on continuing on with it for college productions. Even though, any college show I do won’t ever beat the late night rehearsals and dancing in the stage wings with the crew :) Nor will I (or anyone) ever forget the most recognizable yell, being the one and only Maddison. Even with our differences, thanks for being stage manager all these years for the crew. P.S I want to give a shout-out to Santi because he is and will always be the best curtain flyer I have ever known.
Holden Lopez
12th Grade South Senior Bio: I really liked doing stage crew and meeting new friends.
Ryan Heinemann
12th Grade South Senior Bio: My experience was one of fun. I made new friends, and reconnected with old ones. I plan on going to LTC for one of many skilled trades but I am not decided yet which one. Stage crew has just cemented my interest in the skilled trades.
Victoria Voorhees
Being a part of Stage Crew is so fun and I don't regret joining. I made so many new friends, some who I will be friends with for a long time. I wish to continue pursuing theatre and stage crew for as long as I can.

Pit and Crew


under the Direction of Royal Gingery

Leslie Ellair, Keyboard 1

Joe Phillips, Keyboard 2

Paolo Gonzalez, Violin

Mia Mancl, Cello

Isaac Brashaw, Cello

Rachel Yetzer, Alto Sax/Clarinet

Yair Rodriguez, Flute/Oboe

Aubrey Olson, Trumpet

Caden Rohadfox, Tuba

Jonathan Akstulewicz, Drum Set

Jonah Brashaw, Percussion



Under the direction of Mark Smies and Gary Scheller

Stage Manager 

- Maddison Arndt

Booth Lights

- Katie Albanese

- Alessa Kruse

Stage Lights

- Austin Boeldt

- Cody Burrows

- Janeth Palacios

Spot Lights

- Jamie Merril

- Cam Rommelfanger


- Laura Carlson

- Ellie Franzen


- Liz Krutz

- Giana Rainer


- Steph Anzures

- Emily Torres

Stage Hands

- Genisys Egan

- Anita Escuyer

- Claire Gahagan

- Emma Gosse

- Ryan Heinemann

- Alyana Hulce

- AJ Kaufmann

- Holden Lopez

- Santi Mozo

- Hannah Murphy

- Maddie Tramte

- Pallas Turner

- Victoria Voorhees