About Freaky Friday


  • Prologue - Ellie, Katherine
  • Just One Day - Ellie, Katherine, Company
  • The Hourglass - Ellie, Katherine
  • I Got This - Ellie, Katherine, Students, Teachers
  • What You Got - Katherine, Torrey, Danielle, Louis
  • Oh, Biology - Ellie, Adam, Students
  • Vows - Mike
  • Busted - Ellie, Katherine Parents, Students
  • Somebody Has Got to Take the Blame - Katherine, Ellie, Dr. Ehrin, Señor O’Brien, Mrs. Luckenbill
  • Watch Your Back - Ms. Meyers, Ellie, Students
  • Parents lie- Katherine
  • Just One Day (Reprise) - Company

15 minute intermission


  • Not Myself Today - Katherine, Ellie, Torrey, Company
  • Women and Sandwiches - Adam and Fletcher
  • Bring My Baby (Brother) Home - Katherine, Ellie, Mike, Officers
  • Go - Adam, Company
  • After All of This and Everything - Katherine
  • No More Fear - Ellie
  • The Other Hourglass - Ellie, Katherine
  • Today and Ev’ry Day - Company



From the MTI website:

The new musical, Freaky Friday, based on the beloved 1972 novel by Mary Rodgers and the hit Disney films (and developed by Disney Theatrical Productions expressly for licensing to theatres), features a book by Bridget Carpenter - the co-executive producer and writer on the beloved TV hits, "Friday Night Lights" and "Parenthood" - and music and lyrics by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey - the Pulitzer Prize-winning composers of Next to Normal and If/Then.

When an overworked mother and her teenage daughter magically swap bodies, they have just one day to put things right again. Freaky Friday, a new musical based on the celebrated novel by Mary Rodgers and the hit Disney films, is a heartfelt, comedic, and unexpectedly emotional update on an American classic. By spending a day in each other's shoes, Katherine and Ellie come to appreciate one another's struggles, learn self-acceptance, and realize the immeasurable love and mutual respect that bond a mother and daughter.

Sheboygan North/South Drama

Directors: Jay Johnson and Mariya Grabow

Music Directors: Joe Phillips and Hannah Koechel

Pit Director: Royal Gingery

Stage Crew Directors: Mark Smies and Gary Scheller