About Inside Man

WORLD PREMIERE from local playwright, actor and director Randy Hunt! 

After serving 12 years in prison for a DUI that resulted in manslaughter, 32 year-old Nick Wells is being released. As Nick leaves behind years of incarceration and his cellmate Trent, he returns home to his parents Fox and Carol. However, Fox makes it clear that there are no free rides, so Nick is forced to quickly find a job. Unlike Fox, Carol is thrilled to have her son back home and throws a “Welcome Home” party for him, along with Nick’s sister Janine and Janine’s best friend Tina. A quickly budding romance forms between Nick and Tina and together they come up with a plan for Nick to find employment while also trying to figure out what the future may hold for them as a couple. But with the clock ticking, Nick struggles to find a job before Fox kicks him out of the house for good. Inside Man is one man’s journey to find redemption, himself, and love outside of prison walls.

Schoolhouse Arts Center

In 1988 Hank and Nancy Beebe had a dream and an ambition to start a non-profit theatre to showcase local talent and provide the Greater Sebago Lakes Region with quality entertainment. So, after purchasing the Old Standish High School, the building was transformed over the next 33 years to become a staple of the Lakes Region Community. The mission of the theatre has never changed: educate first and the production will organically follow. And since 1988, we have done our best to live up to that ideal.