Alice in Wonderland Cast

Emily Solo (Alice)
Michael Miller (The White Rabbit)
Kevin Allen (Eaglet/The Mock Turtle/ Knave of Hearts)
Keenan Odenkirk (Lory/Fish Footman/March Hare/2 of Spades)
Chase Kneuven (Duck/Fish Footman/Dormouse/5 Spade/Goat)
Daniel Pippert (Mouse/Gryphon/7 of Spades)
Paul Fraccalvieri (Caterpillar/King/ White Knight)
Elisabeth Ritscher (The Duchess/The Red Queen)
Maria Giorgio (The Cheshire Cat)
Patrick J. McMahon (Dodo/The Mad Hatter/Guard)
Luisa Sabella (The Queen of Hearts/A Sheep)
Emily Samuelson (The White Queen)
Dean Marino (Tweedldum and TweedleDee/ Humpty Dumpty)