About Alice in Wonderland

In her foreword to the 1948 edition of the Alice in Wonderland script actress Eva Le Gallienne, one of the two adaptors of the work, describes the process of adapting Carroll’s beloved narratives for the stage: “It was not without considerable trepidation that I started to work on my first “Alice” production... I realized that the word “faithful” must be the keynote of any such venture if it were to find favor with an audience. The love that countless people feel for the “Alice” books amounts to fanaticism, and I felt a deep and solemn responsibility to Carroll…He presents the problem as seen by a child, but comments upon it as an adult mathematician on a holiday. Hence the bewildering and fascinating texture of his story; half adventure and half shrewd caricature.”

Certainly, Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass are coming of age stories as the child faces different facets of the emotional maturity.  It can be said that few in Wonderland have any maturity at all and the characters in through the looking glass are calculating, in a mathematical way, in keeping with a chess players logic.

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