Lily's Life: A Family Comedy Cast

Lily  (Rebekah Campbell)
Rebekah Campbell is 24 years old and was born in Pensacola, FL. She has always loved the performing arts, but only recently began taking acting lessons and getting involved in theater with hopes to one day work in the film and television industry. Rebekah will be completing her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of West Florida this fall.
Alex (Angelo Paravalos)
Angelo Paravalos is an American born actor from New York City. He began acting in theater productions in 2001 after being approached by his dear friend and acting teacher Ben Harney. In 2011, Angelo appeared as a featured background in 30 Rock, shortly after that he became a member of the Screen Actors Guild. He has continued performing in theater productions as well as film, and television. He has recently performed for the first time at SRCT and played Kris Kringle in our production of Beau Jest. Angelo currently resides in Molino FL with his wife Jessica and their three children. We are excited to see Angelo on our stage again!
Sarah (Michelle Barlow )
Michelle Barlow began acting as a student at Milton High School. She has enjoyed using her talent in church productions and as an elementary school librarian. Michelle joined SRCT in 2014 when she played the role of Rosemary in Picnic. She has since played various roles and is delighted for the opportunity to play Louise Peakes in Outsider. She is very thankful for the support of her husband, Steve and their three children Jason, Daniel, and Heather.
James (Rick Jank)
Rick has been involved in theater roughly since the turn of the century (yeah, it's fun to say it that way). He has played a wide range of roles from drunken bum to sober judge (okay, that was actually 2 roles he did in his very first play), but his favorite role would have to be the boisterous Uncle Chris in "I Remember Mama." He has also directed several shows (his favorite being "The Woman in Black"), and have written plays that have been performed locally. And if you're at a show where strange music or sound effects are going on, check your program to make sure it's not him behind it.
Piper (Brittney Leist )
Brittney has been a member of SRCT’s Family for 5 years and she has been involved in most every show in some capacity since then. She always enjoys taking the stage, but has recently been directing more and is starting her 2nd year as president of SRCT. She is excited to see what this year holds for Santa Rosa Community Theatre and is thrilled to be a part of this fun show and be working with a fantastic cast and crew.
Joey (Susannah Wright)
This is Susannah’s first directed show. She found her new theater home playing Miriam in this season’s Beau Jest. She moved to Pensacola in August after many years with Kaleidoscope Theater in Lynn Haven. During the week she is an ESE teacher at a local elementary school. She loves her job and has just been accepted into UF’s Special Education master’s program! She is so grateful to have worked with such a talented and creative cast and crew. This has been an incredible experience for her. The amount of support she has been given makes her proud to be a part of the SRCT family.
Willow (Alice Canny)
Alice came to acting in her later years. She began at Panhandle Community Theatre now known as Santa Rosa Community Theatre. Her first role was as Virgie in Beached Wails by Topher Payne and later performed in a Black Box comedy skit. Her main role though was as Publicity Director. She attended Chamber of Commerce meetings to promote the theatre as an integral part of the community opportunities for entertainment and citizen involvement. She wrote press releases and invited reporters to cover the plays and the many fund-raising events for the theatre. She has now returned to the beautiful new venue to play Willow in Lily’s Life, a play written by a local thespian and author, Gail Ready.