About Taking Stock

Taking Stock is a family drama about four siblings who come together for their mother's funeral, their father having died three years earlier. While discussing their lives, they find their memories of childhood are wildly different. The eldest sister, Gwen, has always felt less than a full part of the family, while her younger sister, Kat, swears she was physically beaten, though no one has a memory of that. The baby brother of the family, Bobby, had run away as a teenager and kept on running until he reached his 30s, when he learns that maybe his Big Secret wasn't so secret after all. And the older brother, Michael, is consumed by the idea that his father never really liked him. Claims of favoritism, neglect and cruelty fill the afternoon, while they try to decide what to do with the house their mother left them.

Santa Rosa Community Theatre


 In January 2006, a small theatre group was formed at the Imogene Theatre and selected the name Panhandle Community Theatre (PCT). Our first production as PCT was Soulmate Central, which performed to sell-out crowds. In 2021, we moved from our theatre's home in Pace and relocated to Milton, FL. We are thrilled to grow in our new home for the arts and now operate under the name, Santa Rosa Community Theatre ( our county's first and only community theatre ). Mission: To entertain and educate community residents and area visitors of all ages and backgrounds by allowing them to participate in and experience the performing arts. 


Santa Rosa Community Theatre's vision is one of growth: to enhance the creativity and quality of our performances, to experience growth in our membership, to expand our audience, to increase volunteerism, and to meet the needs of our audiences by staying in touch with the community’s desires. SRCT has a clear vision of its membership, pursuing a program that ignites excitement, enhances our image, and promotes participation in the community.