Radium Girls Creative

Student Director
Wyatt Enslen
This is Wyatt’s 3rd SST show! His favorite past parts are Mr. Mushnik in “Little Shop of Horrors” (SST) and Schwartz in “A Christmas Story the Musical” (WDL). Wyatt would like to thank Mr. Bogad for the opportunity to student direct, and his mother for driving him.
Stage Manager
Samantha Tuschinski
This is Sam's 6th SST show! She has acted in several productions outside of Sallies but this will be her first time taking on the role of Stage Manager. She is very excited to watch this beautifully grotesque show come to life and would like to thank her fellow company members for all of their hard work and support.
Student Producer
Olivia Kessler
This is Olivia’s 3rd SST show! Some of her favorite roles include Kalliope/Kelly in “She Kills Monsters” (SST), and Seymour Krelborn Understudy and Crystal Understudy “Little Shop of Horrors” (SST), where she was also head student producer. Olivia would like to thank the entire SST company, her friends, family, and Sharon McGee for their support.
Student Producer
Amneris Romero-Martinez
Sound Director
Ben Demosthene
This is Ben’s 3rd SST show! His 1st show was “Incident at Vichy” where he was a tech crew member but also an actor. Ben enjoyed being part of multiple aspects of theatre, and thought it was great to be able to put on a production through streaming. Ben had a great time making the sound design for “Radium Girls” as immersive as possible.
Crew Production Manager
Benjamin Trowbridge
This is Ben’s 3rd SST show, he has previously been a crew member for “Incident at Vichy”, “She Kills Monsters”, and “Little Shop of Horrors”. Ben felt that his position as assistant lighting director was very rewarding and he loved working as crew production manager for this production of “Radium Girls”.
Student Dramaturg
Liz Rolph
This is Liz's 6th production with SST, and her third production on staff! She is very excited to be working behind the scenes with the staff and crew for "Radium Girls". Liz would like to thank Ms. Lantz for making her Student Dramaturg after she joked about crashing a few rehearsals.
Artist/Crew Member
Bethany Makori
This is Bethany’s 2nd SST show! She enjoys painting and helping with the set. Outside of stage crew, they are in BSU and love art. Bethany would like to thank the SST company and anyone who supported the show!
Student Technical Director
Charlie Abernathy
This is Charlie’s 6th SST show!
Lighting Director
Daniel Desmond
This is Daniel’s 4th SST show! He has been the lighting director for almost a year!
Lighting Crew
Gregory Oberholzer
This is Gregory’s 4th SST show!
Lighting Crew
Audrey Counihan
This is Audrey’s 3rd SST show! She also dances at Brandywine Center for Dance and is on the Padua Dance Team. Audrey would like to thank her sister, Abby Counihan, for getting her into theatre, and her parents for supporting her!
Paint Captain
Emily Malone
This is Emily’s 4th SST show! She was a crew member for “Ragtime” (SST), “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot” (SST), and choreographer for “Little Shop of Horrors” (SST). Emily was also an ensemble member in “Anything Goes” (PAT), and has danced for 14 years. Her hobbies include reading, history, avation, and volunteering. Emily would like to thank her mom, dad, sister Allie, and grandparents for their support, and Mr. Locke for all the great opportunities to be creative.
Crew Member
Cynthia Brosky
This is Cynthia’s 2nd SST show! Last spring Cynthia was a crew member for “Little Shop of Horrors”.
Crew Member
Grace Perry
This is Grace’s 1st SST show, but she has previously acted in “North Pole Radio Hour” as Mrs. Claus (Oldmans School) She has played soccer for 11 years, and loves reading and spending time with her pets.
Crew Member
Hallie Ross
This is Hallie’s 1st SST show! Her other hobbies include reading, baking, and making jewelry.
Crew Member
Stephanie Mezquita
This is Stephanie’s 3rd SST show!
Crew Member
Jack Sweeney
This is Jack's 1st SST show!

Original Creative Team