Radium Girls Cast

Grace Fryer (Clare Yeatman)
Clare is very excited to be back for her 2nd show with SST! Some of her past roles include Lisa in Mamma Mia (PAT), #8 in The Wolves (WDL), and Ms. Darbus in High School Musical (Candlelight Theater). She would like to thank her friends and family for giving her the confidence and support she needs to get on stage and Melissa Mack for helping her discover her love of theater and performing.
Kathryn Schuab  (Olivia Kessler)
This is Olivia’s 3rd SST show! Some of her favorite roles include Kalliope/Kelly in “She Kills Monsters” (SST), and Seymour Krelborn Understudy and Crystal Understudy “Little Shop of Horrors” (SST), where she was also head student producer. Olivia would like to thank the entire SST company, her friends, family, and Sharon McGee for their support.
Irene Rudolph (Olivia Segeda)
This is Olivia’s 6th production with SST. Past roles include ensemble in “Ragtime” (SST), Professor Hoffman/student producer in “Incident at Vichy” (SST), and Vera in “She Kills Monsters” (SST). Olivia would like to thank her parents, friends, and everyone involved in SST for their support.
Tom Kreider  (Seamus Oliver)
This is Seamus’ 4th SST show! Seamus has been involved with SST since his sophomore year, when he was Butch Honeywell in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot. His hobbies include juggling and announcing football games for WSAL. He would like to thank his parents for their support.
Arthur Roeder (Majo James)
This is Majo’s 7th SST show! He has previously been a dramaturg and enjoys researching the historical context behind shows and helping actors get a better understanding of their roles.
Marie Curie/Dr. Von Sochocky (Syd Vavala )
This is Syd’s 6th SST show! They have done cast, crew, and staff, but their favorite thing was being the DnD expert for “She Kills Monsters” (SST) and sharing their passion. Syd would like to thank you for supporting this community for allowing everyone to express themselves.
Mrs. Roeder/Customer/Board Member #3 (Amneris Romero-Martinez)
This is Amneris's 3rd SST show! She has previously been a producer, and this is her acting debut!
Female Understudy  (Meredith Hill)
This is Meredith’s 1st SST show! She has been doing theatre since 6th grade and had a great time working with the rest of the cast!
Male Understudy  (Noah Filliben)
This is Noah’s 1st SST show! His favorite role was Oaken in “Frozen JR” (CCSA), since he loved trying a funny accent. Noah also loves to play hockey. Noah would like to thank his parents for always supporting him.
Reporter/Berry/Knef (Robert Gruszka )
This is Robert’s 4th show at SST. He performed in “Incident at Vichy'' and “Little Shop of Horrors” and was cameraman for “She Kills Monsters”. Robert would like to thank his parents for always supporting him and letting him always pursue his wildest dreams.
Mrs. MacNeil/Mrs. Fryer (Grace Donaher)
This is Grace’s 3rd SST production, but “Radium Girls” is her acting debut!. She worked as a crew member on “She Kills Monsters” and “Little Shop of Horrors”. Grace would like to thank Amneris Romero and Olivia Kessler for their dedication as student producers and actresses.
Lee/Drinker/Bailey/Flynn/Male Shopper/Court/Lovesick Cowboy (Shane Olexa)
This is Shane’s 3rd SST show! He was Miles in “She Kills Monsters” (SST), and a root-boy in “Little Shop of Horrors” (SST). Shane has done theatre since 4th grade and some past roles include Mike Teavee “Willy Wonka JR” (IHM) and Simba “Lion King JR” (IHM).
Board Member #1/Shopgirl/Society Woman/Harriet (Carmella Lionti )
This is Carmella’s 1st SST production! She was a member of the wind ensemble in “Mary Poppins JR” (IHM) and a lioness in “Lion King JR” (IHM). Carmella is also a member of the Padua chorus!
Sob Sister/Elderly Widow/Cler (Monica Grace)
This is Monica’s 2nd SST show! Previously she was a crew member during “Little Shop of Horrors” and loved helping to build the set! She also did lighting crew for “Mary Poppins JR” (IHM). Monica would like to thank her parents and grandparents for supporting her, her best friend for running lines with her, and her sister who started her love for theatre.
Markley/Store Owner/Venecine Salesman/Martland (CJ Formilleza)
CJ has previously performed in “Ragtime” (SST) and “Incident at Vichy” (SST).